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Hi all i have a 06 Belingo van tried to swap the radio over currently i have a tape deck standard radio Huh i know i know behind times at least it has a radio.Thought i would give it a go plug and play i thought oh no van went in to eco mode wouldn't start aaaaand the cental locking stopped working on the key reverting back to the manual got the key working and re plugged the old radio back in the van came out of eco mode and starts any ideas people??????????
Oh i forgot to say the new radio is sony digital mp3 if i got a standard cd radio would this happen again? i don't want to mess with this to much as i need my van for work
Sounds like a wiring problem, is the sony wired up slightly different, maybe the ignition and the ingition live? Not sure how a radio would stop a car from starting. ECO mode usually comes up when your battery is flat but never heard of it not allowing you to start the car.
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Your current radio cassette is probably made by clarion or VDO and is coded to the car but you can replace it with a cd radio from a Citroën / Peugeot like this
You just need to get it coded to your chassis number and its a straight swap. I did this on my car as it came with a VDO cassette/radio. I paid 30 quid for a VDO cd radio coded to my motor. You could pick one up and get it coded by someone who has the lexia software or buy one coded to your van. The clarion cd radio is the same to. If you want to install your sony radio you need a patch lead to make things work or swap wires around as its not plug and play, it sounds like you have confused the BSI unit and need to do a BSI reset to get things working normal again.
Eco mode comes on if you have the radio on but car not running and will not clear until you start the car.
Check your fuses as you may have blown something when you tried to connect the radio.
There is plenty on here about BSI reset and fitting radios just have a search or other members will be able to guide you.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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The easiest way to do this is to use a Lexia to tell the BSI that no radio is installed, then swap the red and yellow wires round and it will then plug and play..

Plugging a non-standard headunit in without doing this can send the thing insane. Mine did all sorts off odd things. Interior lights coming on when the door was closed, passenger window opening, dash info display only half - working.

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"sounds a bit of a mix-up " if the van fails to start, you may have wrongly connected to the switched Citroen eco live which saves battery life , i believe the ecu shuts this down after 1min of closing the doors , maybe caused the system to spit its dummy , I suggest you disconnect and re-connect the battery in the correct manner to prevent further mishaps , maybe check the radio plug is the standard iso and buy your specific models patch lead , I found my solution here somewhere for fitting my kenwood head unit in my 04 1.9d van , using the radios own iso connector i moved the yellow from no4 position to no.6 to pick up another ignition switched live on the berlingo plug, then switched red & yellow over to retain memory functions . worked a treat.
I was curious today so I put an aftermarket radio in to my berlingo. Started straight up, didn't need to be reconfigured in the BSI. The ignition live wire did need to be altered in the adaptor for the new plug in order to make it switch on with the key and remember the settings.
Remaps available for 1.6 EDC16, 2.0 Bosch EDC15 & Siemens SID801
You have a B9 Berlingo, not the B59 in te first post, and a different problem...
Maybe start a new topic in the right area?
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