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... Radio Code advice ....
. Ok so I need the radio code ...original radio... before I go disconnecting the battery to work on my works just fine right now.

My Berlingo van 1.9d 2005 came without any owners handbook and radio booklet / radio code.

1/ Is there any way I can extract the code from it using the radio display ?
2/ If not will Citroen have this information at their fingertips and be willing to give it to me for free if I present them with my ownership documents ? I seem to recall doing this a few years ago with a Vauxhall I had.
3/ If I end up having to pay money out of my wallet for this which is the most cost effective method and how much will it cost me ?

Regards to you all, Geoff.
I'll be watching this to see if you find a solution because I'm in the same boat. Does the radio even have a code? Having a quick look at the owners book suggests that it doesn't.

I can email a pdf of the owners book if you like

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Hello Malc I already have the owners handbook which you were kind enough to email me a copy of, page 38 mentions the anti theft system as being vehicle specific so it seems a code is required, shame really.
Think manufacturers O/E radios are coded by computer at dealers...
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Think Andy is right, taken mine out 3 or 4 times. Never needed a code when put back in.
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Hi, if it's an original radio/cd, then it's coded with your vin number so disconnecting it is not a problem, it just won't work in anybody elses vehicle.
To be on the safe side though I would do a Bsi shutdown first as this unit is on a comms line to the display & bsi etc.:thumbsup:
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I have one of those battery tools that you plug into a aux socket.I charge it up overnight before use & plug it in before disconnecting the battery.
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That is excellent news, many thanks to you all for your help. This learning curve is going well and hopefully I will be able to return the favour before too long.
I like the idea of the battery tool in the auxiliary socket could come in useful in the future.
Radio code savers can be found on ebay for under 15 quid. How necessary are they I cant say. I have not had any problems when needing to disconnect the battery for shortish periods. I can feel the pull of wikipedia coming on.
I have done the work now and can confirm that the battery disconnection doesn't affect the radio - there is no code needed at all.

Thanks all. Geoff.
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