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Radio replacement advice please?
The Citroen fitted cd player has packed up and I'm thinking about replacing it with one of these
ie. one of those cheap Chinese radios that play USB and SD cards. Has anyone any experience of these?, Any brands or sellers to avoid?


Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
No knowledge but for 22 quid it's not much to lose if it's not very good
2012 Berlingo XTR 110 in Iron Grey

Money cannot buy you happiness but it far better to cry in Ferrari than on a bicycle
I suspect you will get what you pay for.. I wouldn't go there myself!

£40 to £80 will get you a good known brand and I reckon it will sound far better.
why dont you have a look on ebay..some good prices on good quaity used sets.ive had a couple from there and had no probs.
I just bought a pioneer Bluetooth stereo for £70 from halfords.
It'll play music through the USB, as well as streaming via Bluetooth and working as a hands free kit.
I've yet to wire it in as I'm offshore just now and I ran out of time, but a quick test run was impressive.
I would not buy that chinese thing. I stopped doing that.

1 they are not good
2 break faster
3 are produced by people who dump the waste in nature
4 set people at work for as little money as possible with no care for health
flash ive got a sony with built in blue tooth very handy for the phone calls and a nice radio/cd. i think the bluetooth is well worth having. when fitting to your berlingo just swap the yellow and red wires around and you should have no probs.

crickley if you look on ebay you can usaly pick up a sony 2700 which has b/tooth built in for around £30 s/h.
I did have a quick go at the wiring, the pioneer has swappable wires for the power, but it still didn't switch off with the ignition. I did notice that the central display said something like comms at one point, I don't know if that's related?
I need to get an Ariel adaptor and locate the hands free mic so left the factory unit in till I get back.
The new speakers in the doors helped the sound quite a bit though, I might get some for the back and maybe an underseat sub.
This cheap bike/dog bus may get expensive at this rate! I do like having something I can mess about with.
Thing is a) cash is in short supply so justifying over £30 is not on. b) I don't particularly want the hassle of CDs any more as I've got used to the SD card option with a Tevion player (which is also broken). c)Bluetooth I find a pain.

Maybe I'll try the 2nd hand option although it's a toss up between buying something already partly worn out and buying a cheap piece of Chinese crap.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
If you're quick Mal here's one that looks OK!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

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