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Raise suspension on berlingo 2
Hello. I'm looking to raise the suspension on my 2012 multispace as I'm tired of it bottoming out. Has anyone tried to use bigger springs (from xtr+ van) or Spaccer lift kits using spacers? 

It may be an idea to check with your local MOT station and of course your insurance as this will be a modification.Be safe.
It might be an idea to post a useful reply and at least answer the damn question
(24-11-2015, 08:37 PM)Kokain Wrote:  It might be an idea to post a useful reply and at least answer the damn question

No need to be aggressive.Thats as much use as a fart in a tin can.
bikergraham Kokain

guido wants to install suspension from Dangel Berlingo.

It's good idea but very expensive.
Hi PK. Just trying to be helpful as not everybody would think of informing the insurance company that if any modifications or alterations have been done and certainly in particular altering the vehicles handling ,if not done "expertly" could seriously compromise road safety and void the insurance.I know everytime i renew my policy i have to sign to say that no modifications have been done and youd be surprised what they class as a mod,for example my last insurance company wanted to know if i had any non oe stickers on the vehicle,i kid you not.!
Hi, Graham. Yes, very interesting rules in UK. In my country insurance company don't care what you going to do with your car. MOT passes without any problems.
About stickers... i don't know what to say... may be it's time to change the insurance company???
Insurance company's in the UK will find any reason they can to get out of a claim even tyre pressure ??
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So can any one help here? I am looking at air bags to help my 2010 pug partner rear suspension problems...... As a solution..Just need some time to get down to 4wd store for a measure and prices...
I honestly thought someone may know if another model from PSA groups bits fitted to Berlingo / partner...

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How much weight are you putting in it to cause it to bottom out ? You might get some longer bump stops or some dampers with coil over springs to assist but the torsion bars are what does the actual job so you would have to find stronger torsion bars or have your present ones raised a few splines. Could it just be a knocking noise that sounds like bottoming or is the suspension definitely low enough to bottom out ?
So where does this bit go then ?

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