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Rear Suspension Sudden Failure
Ive had my high mileage 2003 1.9D Multispace for over 14 months now and up to now I've been delighted with it.However this morning it suddenly let me down when there was a sickening loud bang towards the n/s rear suspension.Both wheels seem straight but the suspension has obviously collapsed.Angry Luckily I was near to my local garage when it happened and dropped it off right away.God knows how much the repairs will cost or when Ill get the car back with the Christmas and New Year holidays coming up,but Ill keep you informed.
Regards Les.
Best of luck with the repairs, we just put an exchange axle in these days, IM axles in Leicester sell excellent refurbed units, tend to cost around £500 ish all done.[/b]
Thanks for that Lighty,printed off IM axles pricelist along with Axle Direct and gave them to my mechanic,he said he'd attend to it asap but I cant see it beinging done till well after the New Year holiday...Damn Christmas!
So what exactly fails in the rear axle in the berlingo I hear its very common problem?
The bearing collapses as there is no way to grease them and
often there's insufficient grease put in from the factory.
Some of the refurb units are fitted with a grease nipple at each bearing.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Ahh right ok is there a diy way of fitting new bearings or is it a new axle job?
If it drops right down, you've busted a torsion bar. The anti roll bar then pulls each side down equally.

Bearing/stub shaft replacement is a mother of a job. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Not seen a workshop press used harder in my life - the way axles are built is not the way they are usually pulled apart, this means there is much "interesting" stuff to deal with along the replacement.
Blimey sounds like a right pig of a job, theres complete refurbished rear axles on ebay for £300 on an exchanged service. There are also repair kits for cheap to £44 for both sides.
    Well got my car back today.Big Grin The new axle seems to be set nice and high.Quite pleased with the price of £420+VAT.So Lighty got the cost right on the button.The garage also fixed the drivers door handle because it was a bit difficult to open from the inside (except for me,I was used to it!Rolleyes)included in the price.
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Glad to hear you got her fixed and a very reasonable price, did you carry alot of weight in the back before she failed.

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