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Rear hub removal for use on another axle
Today the newly refurbished rear axle turned up for my Berlingo 600. I ordered the axle from IM axles and requested uprated torsion bar to carry more weight ie from 600kg to 900kg. What i want to know has anyone reused there original hubs from a previous axle job? According to the Haynes manual you damage them when taking them off, or is there way to remove safely . As i am from farming stock and tight i could do without the added expense of buying new oem at £130 each :censored: or do i have to bite the bullet?

Hubs or stub axles?
I have successfully removed them on most rear axle jobs completed. I recently purchased a puller which aids in such jobs.
Worst case is that you leave the inner bearing race on the stub axle.
Even if this happens, I have managed to gently pry it off and then reassemble the bearing.
If not try GSF for a new hub, they won't be near the price you mentioned.[/u]
Carparts4less start at just under £50

Slightly off topic & I don't want to sound like I'm taking the urine as you may already know this, but some folks innocently won't realise. Once you axle is changed you'll need to get your van replated if you want to legally carry more weight, plus you need to inform your insurer if you replate as the van has been modified to carry extra weight.
Not having had the pleasure of this job yet - fingers crossed of course plus there is also a certain amount of farming stock in my genes too !!
Can someone explain what the issue is in removing these hubs, what gets damaged and what is needed to avoid damage and subsequent spending on new parts please.

P.S. I know it is late at night and I've probably got my dull head on ( read as Theakstons Old Peculiar ) but I'm sure it won't just be me curious about this problem.
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There's a chance of the bearing inner pulling out of the casing due to the design but if you use a three legged puller and get an equal pull around it, it comes off without popping. Swapped em over on mine and they're fine. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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Thanks for the replies , have done more searching on the net and have found cheaper replacement hubs. Will start to strip down old axle and if needed replace worn or broken parts accordingly. Will keep you informed of my progress etc.


Cheers Rustscrat , i have a 3 legger so will use it , also what size is the hub nut it's self ? the biggest socket i have is 24mm , any bigger and I'll have to borrow one from work.

The hub nut is 40mm. I was able to swap the hubs over from my old axle easily enough with a 3 legged puller.

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