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Removing trim 'christmas trees' without breaking
These little clips (pic below) are used to hold various trim panels in place and they get brittle with age. The chances are, if you try to pull the panel off, no matter how carefully you do it, one or more of these damn things will break.

If you can slide your hand into a gap somewhere, take any 1/4" socket with you - the square 'tool' end will slip wonderfully well over the top of the tree and compress the sides just enough to allow the whole thing to release beautifully.

This may be the wrong category to post this handy tip - or it may be a replica of one that already exists. Happy for it to be deleted / moved / etc!

[Image: 23svyi8.jpg]
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Website: Pestend
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Good tip. Thanks for that.
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This tip will help a lot of people great work :thumbsup:Confusedalut:
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Useful link warning: if you do break some of these things, I have found that the famous tat bazaar has a vendor called greenwood_auto_uk and he sells as 'Peugeot Citroen Universal Interior door Panel Moulding Fastener Trim Clips'. There was even a picture with the exact measurements on his advert when I bought some.
At the time of writing, these were £2.04 for a bag of ten. I ordered at midday and they arrived in the post the following morning. Problem well and truly solved Big Grin
-- Professional Pest Controller based in Sandhurst, Berkshire --
Website: Pestend
If you want the official part for the door card go to a Citroen/Peugot dealer and ask for P/No. 8964.81. I paid 10p each but new ones are great! ps they are black
The number you quoted (896481) is available on for £2.00 for a pack of 50

For a Mk3, there are a couple of part numbers

It's called a Hog Ring
The part numbers I've found are

1. 6991Z1 - pack of 4 for £1.16
2. 9341PF - pack of 2 for £1.14
Thank you ntm1275 wish I'd known about that before trawling around the car part retailers (and the net) for some time. Sadly I did not know the part number before visiting the Citroen dealer and once there bought them immediately. One comment though, do not quote a price for delivery
I only use it to find a rough cost of a part before going to a dealership - prices are similar
Shipping is a fiver from citroencarparts which is a ripoff for a 60g packet

Plus the prices are minus vat and he expects you to pay vat on the shipping charge as well!

So that 2 quid cost for the hog rings turns into 8.40.

So amazingly at 10p each the dealer is the cheapest!

Thanks for the tip by the way, I've no doubt it will come in useful at some point

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