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Replacing alternator on 2ltr HDi van
I recently had to replace the power steering pump on my Berlingo van (with good advice from this forum). It appeared that quite a lot of fluid had leaked onto the alternator when the old pump failed. With hindsight I should have got a replacement alternator at the same time but didnt doh!
Here I am a couple of weeks later and the alternator has finally conked out. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if there is an easy way to swap the alternators or do I have to take the p/s pump off to get to it? Apologies in advance as I expect this topic will have been dealt with on this forum elsewhere before.
Van is 2006 2 litre HDi
PS. Replacement alternator is on its way - delivered for £40 with 3 month warranty from a breakers.
Hi Darrenchadwick,
I recently changed my 2.0 HDI alternator, I found it quite easy just not a lot of room to get at some bolts. I only removed the plastic cover in the wheel arch and the belt. Didn't have to touch the steering pump. Hope this helps.
Thanks Rabbit
This is good news, I could do with it, many thanks. It sounds like the only problem will be getting those stupid plastic fixings out of the plastic wheel arch trim without breaking them and then getting the ones that havent broke back in securely.
Thanks again.
Trim tool and blunt side cutters best
I was able to change mine out from underneath without too much hassle.

I dont mean in anyway to hijack your post but what went wrong with the alternator, only reason i ask is I have a burning smell coming from the alternator area of the engine. I am worried that my P/S could be leaking onto the alternator. My belts are fine and not burning.



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