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Replacing screen washer pump
Hi Guys,

At first: i'm sorry if my message is not totally clear, I'm from Holland so English isn't my native languageSmile

I own a 2002 first model Berlingo (1.4 patrol).

A while ago my washer pump died. Already checked the fuse but that isn't the point of failure. I saw in the Haynes manual that replacing the pump isn't that hard at all so I would like to do it myself to save some money(already changed my electric window system once! It was much harder I guess!Smile ).

However I've never jacked a vehicle before. I already own a Hydraulic jack and bought an axle stand the other day. But I don't know exactly where to place the hydraulic jack and the axle stand. The Haynes manaual only says "at the triangle", but that is a bit too vague for me. I don't want an extra hole in my BerlingoBig Grin

So could somebody please help me out and tell me in detail where to exactly place the axle stand and the jack?

Thanks already guys, your help is really appreciated!!!
Take a good look at the metal below the door on the side you want to jack up.
A few inches behind the wheel well, you'll find a triangle pressed into the metal, with one point downwards.
It's about an inch high, and points to the reinforced section where it's safe to place the jack.

The axle stand... Can be placed a lot of places. I prefer on the metal that the lower arm of the suspension is mounted to.

The washer pump...
There's several versions of this.
Mine has two different sets of wires going to it:
A pair for the pump motor (Gnd and Power)
A pair for an electrically operated valve (Gnd and Power) which is used to direct the output either to the front windshield/headlights or towards the rear window.
IF yours has the same setup, then the pump is the unit closest to the outside.
I would start by cleaning the connectors.

There may be a relay controlling the functioning hidden under the dash.
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Here is the one on our 2002 1.4 Multispace I replaced a while ago. Make sure you get the correct one. Can you hear your pump working?

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Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
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Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for all the information! The pump (or relay, or switch) really died I guess. Fuse is just allright and the pump doesn't give a sound. I can imagine that it's not that weird that a simple pump will die after 12 years of operation. I already saw that there are several models of the pump, so I will take the pump out of the car first to check what pump I've got. Also will measure the plug to make sure the switch and relay is just working fine (I have a lot of experience with electrics, just not that much with lifting a car etc)Smile

So just to make sure...regarding the lifting (this morning I got the Einhell BT-AS 3000 axle stand). I've made a photo. You can see the triangle and the underside of the car. Am I right that I can just jack the car on the pinch weld (red circle drawn around it) and also place the jack under the pinch weld?

Thanks already guys, it's really appreciated and it's great to hear from more experience people how to do it right the first time without damaging stuff!:woop:

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Yes, that is where you apply the jack.

If not the factory jack, I use a block of soft pinewood (approx. 70×38×200) laid flat between the jack's "pad" and the body seam, this deforms slightly to avoid damage to the metal or cutting of the rubber jack pad.

Personally I place the stand under one of the large (18mm head) bolts close to the jacking point that attach the front sub-frame. Lowering the jack slowly helps me move it to the perfect position.
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That's the correct place. Certainly for the supplied car jack. Personally I use my hydraulic jack with a piece of wood to jack up centrally on the cross member then put the axle stand on the fixed part of the suspension. Just be very careful to check you are not compressing anything as you lift it. Place your axle stand in the chosen position then SLOWLY lower your car onto it to take the weight. Leave the jack in place so you have 2 means of support. Make sure you have the hand brake on and both rear wheels chocked. Never work under a vehicle just on the jack.

(Addo can type faster than me :-)
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
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Yes, that's the place. On the pinch-weld, just where you see the curved area. It has been specially reinforced to take the load.
(But if the jack came with a rubber cushion, feel free to use it.)

I'm not a fan of those collapsible axle stands, though.
Sometimes, when you lower the car down onto them, the car shifts slightly, and this type of axle stand doesn't stand up well to that...
Also, axle stands are best bought in pairs. You want them as similar as possible the first time you need to jack up one end to work under it.
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Thanks so much...! I'm now confident enough to start lifting with your help and checking a dozen of "how to lift your car" youtube videos LOL!

Will keep you guys informed if everything has worked out!Smile
And if it goes wrong, Mrs Maarten can tell us where to send the "Get well soon" cards.
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hahaha lol! Well Mrs Maarten had a day off today and we have lifted the car succesfully (man o man..that was simple...but a little scary for the first timeSmile ) It was nice that she could look out for me in case something went wrong after all. Got the pump out and will buy the new one today or tomorrow!

Thnx to everyone, my problem is solved!Smile

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