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Rodent damage?
Missus was driving Bingo today when it lost power and coasted to a stop. Diesel loss from engine. Turns out something had chewed one of the fuel pipes (return pipe from injector?). It had come off its fitting, pouring diesel over the engine (nice). Cut damage end off and refitted rubber pipe onto fitting. Bled air and it eventually started.

Noticed seeds and nuts near injectors before. This rubber pipe has braided shealth. Looks like animal may have been chewing that. Can't see any other damage.



Not sure pipe is fully pushed on though.
I've had a squirrel chew through a wiring loom before! Looks like that or mice... The leak off pipe is usually pushed right up to the horizontal part of the connection

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look's like a mouse has been spending the night there for the warmth put a bated trap there see what you get ?
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We had a Honda CBR600 that wouldn't run well and took the airbox off to find it full of nest material and rice Big Grin
So where does this bit go then ?
Down in southern Germany they have problems with Pine Martens eating hoses & wiring.Sad
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I lived near Kyle of Lochalsh for 10 years in the Scottish highlands, at nights Pine Martens would chew the rubber flexi brake pipes, especially the front ones, they would strip the rubber off down to the steel braid, local MOT inspectors would pay these pipes extra attention, a local cure was to lay square pattern animal wire fencing on their driveways and park the car on top of it, same fencing as you see on farmers fields, this deterred them for some unknown reason. We would often find biscuits on the engines that the Martens were storing to keep dry, my neighbour had his car parked in a garage for couple of weeks in the spring, he opened the bonnet one day and a pair of pine Martens had built a nest out of old sheets in the engine compartment, they immediately attacked him, vicious they were too, he retreated and armed himself with a shovel, his wife stopped him..."Leave the bairns alone...they have would defend your kids too!!" she shouted and took the shovel off him. They are a protected species with heavy penalties for even disturbing them, car stayed there till the summer.
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