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Roof Rails
Hi there is there any members that can help with roof rails and were to buy them. Im a proud owner of Citroen Berlingo Multispace VTR HDI 1560cc Diesel, 5 Door MPV (7seater) 2010. Me and the family are going away in a few weeks and need to purchasd a roof box, but I need to install rails first as they did not come as standard on my model.

I'd appreciate any help on this.
try the thule website or ebay, thule you can swap the ends to fit other cars so you save money not keep buying bars, sell my old ends on ebay easily
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  • melvino
I'm in a similar position (I need to carry a 3-section ladder occasionally) and have been looking at the options so let me share my findings:

Thule do bars and 'feet' (you'll need both). There's only one foot that fits the raised rails we have on the Berlingo Mk3: this will be the 775, about £90 from Halfords (there are cheaper vendors).

However, there's a choice of bars. If you're only ever going to use these with a roofbox and remove them for the remaining time, I wouldn't bother with their super-aerodynamic Wingbar (you'll have a stonking great roof box destroying your fuel-efficiency anyway!) but if you plan to leave the bars in place for longer, the Wingbar is a better bet....sometimes!
Plain square bar: £40-odd.
Wingbar: £80-odd

HOWEVER: I take issue with the Wingbar. It's sold to us as an aerodynamic solution, clearly the ideal thing if you're an occasional ladder-carrier, weekend DIYer or so on who might want to leave the bars on all the time. The only trouble is, the ONLY thing you can get from Thule for the Wingbar is a mounting kit for a roofbox - there's no ladder-stops, bike carriers or any of the other useful kit that's available for their un-aerodynamic square bars!
Don't go third-party either: I've had a Wingbar for my old car for four years and I've been unable to find a single ladder hook that fits the Wingbar either - so ladders have to be strapped on with lengths of rope (time-consuming & messy).
In summary, if you want to use your bars for anything other than a roofbox, don't use their fuel-efficient bar! Shame on you Thule and my old pair are sitting in the garage, complete with their 754 feet, awaiting someone with more money than sense Wink

The alternative is to have a look at the less-well known brands. I've found some 'round but flattened' bars, complete with foot for £50 and a square bar with foot for £39 on Ebay (car accessories / travel / roof racks --> select make and model of car. Both seem ideal for the occasional roofbox-carrier, the only real difference being finish: box-sections are usually black steel while the oval bars are usually aluminium and will look better.

Be aware that some of these third-party bars come in two lengths: 120 and 135cm. I'm about to place an order for square 135cm bars that are steel box section so I'll be able to cut them down to remove the 'overhang' and neaten things up a bit - you can't do with with the aluminium oval bars. The 120cm bars SHOULD fit but I'll get the longer ones and trim...I'm happy to take measurements of my final result and let you know if the 120's would do.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

(21-03-2014, 07:13 PM)finny Wrote:  try the thule website or ebay, thule you can swap the ends to fit other cars so you save money not keep buying bars, sell my old ends on ebay easily

...Except that we can buy a shiny new pair of bars complete with the correct feet for substantially less than the price Thule want just for a new foot Wink
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  • melvino
the most I paid for thule feet was £29 on ebay for some jag x-type ones which then fit a bmw perfect, the clamp ones I use now on berlingo are the same ones I had on my Volvo 850 t5r/discovery I paid less than £20 for on ebay and would probably get more than that now, my thule aero bars have been on a Volvo 850, Renault kangoo, x-type, bmw e46, berlingo, discovery. so for me with a bit of surfing ebay has worked out quite cheap, that reminds me ive got some thule berlingo 3 van feet to sell on as ive fitted rails now.
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  • melvino
Thanks guys for some of your solutions, I've had a look on the thule web site to get the feel of what you are telling me. On the thule web site I have looked into the options of the 775 but this appears to be only a viable if my berlingo is fitted with raised rails. As I mentioned mine has no roof rails attached, all that is in my roof is the bolts to attach one.

It could be me, as I've spend so much time looking at roof rails/boxes im starting to look like one.
As for what I can see do I need to buy?
1st h**p://

2nd h**p://

Sorry if im been a pest, I have no ideas about these things! "Total noob"
melvino you have pm about roof rack
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  • melvino
I've used the roofbox website to help identify what I've need in the past.

have a look at this;

I've also bought loads of stuff, chains and roof racks from them when ebay hasn't come up with the goods.

They even lent(free! didn't even pay for postage) me a set of snow chains for a trip when they didn't have the chains in stock that I was after!
Thanks for finny for selling me his roof rack.
Good to see you've got it all sorted :thumbsup:
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  • melvino
About the thule kit. On You Get a choise from theese setup:

3072 Fixpoint mounting kit. This You need
You can choose. Wingbar 969 or square bar 769. I have wingbar. And its a Nice look for the car.

But the feet You only Get 751 as a choise on the website.Theese feets are high.

But The thule 753 is a lower foot. And its no problem using This. I got This on my car, and its look mutch Nicer on the car.

Thule 969,753,3072

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