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Running in
Did a search here on the above and didn't see a thread so....what are the thoughts of the forum on how you should run in a new Berlingo with the auto box? I  haven't seen anything on the Citroen site or in the manual I downloaded. I read elsewhere that the general case is that you don't really need to do much these days, but I am old enough to be "old school" and would be interested to hear about others thoughts and experiences.
The main thing to follow is to not to let the car struggle in a high gear with the accelerator pedal down.
When I had my new engine I was told to come back after about 1000 miles for an oil change because it had a running in oil
I agree don't let the engine labour or rev it too highly would be my advice. This has served me well in the past.

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I didn't get a 1000 mile service with mine. It went the first 12 months before its service.

I'd say just drive with an imaginary egg under your right foot. The only time the auto will rev the engine is if you stomp on it, when it drops down a gear or two.

If you drive gently then it won't rev highly.
I'm afraid I disagree with you all here!

Having worked around new cars all my working career, manufacturing tolerances are now so good there is no need for any sort of 'run-in' when all parts are new. In fact I completely believe the best, most free revving engines are the ones driven hard from day one.

It's a different case is something like cams have been fitted.

If you go buy a VW now it could be 3 years before it needs a service, surely that says something?
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I always treat it gently for the 1st 1,000 miles but with the gearing so high now it's hard to rev them high.
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The tolerance's are a lot better these day's running it in 1'000 or so will do it no harm and if you want to change the oil and filter after that do it again it will do no harm if it give's you peace of mind all the better. Smile
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i will be driving mine as per normal driving style when it arrives, also it's not really an autobox, just a clutchless manual
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(26-04-2016, 08:49 PM)ATL_driver Wrote:  i will be driving mine as per normal driving style when it arrives, also it's not really an autobox, just a clutchless manual

Pretty sure it's still got a dry clutch. The difference is instead of have a manual lever to change gear it's done in electronic actuators/solenoids.

With regards to running in, don't worry about it. Like everyone has said previously the tolerances are so tight now on production vehicles you can just get in and drive it. I know with the Ford Focus ST170, to get the best from the car long term you needed to drive it like you stole it from day one!
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