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Anyone else's 08 Berli suffering from rust on the the floor near the near side rear passenger door track, or under the tailgate moulding?


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ive got a little bit behind the number plate and under the rubber that goes round the rear of the van where the rear doors close, I think some chemical spill by the previous cleaning company owner maybe the cause of the bit by the rear rubber as I had to clean something up when I bought it, more than my battered old mk1 lingo had after 10+ years and 170k
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Have had a closer look and the rust continues along the edge of the metal under the track.
The way the edge is raised allows a small amount of water to lay behind the edge of the metal rather than drain away completely.

Spoke to Citroen Customer Services this afternoon and they say my car is out of Warranty, it will be 5 years old in December.
I was under the impression that the anti corrosion Warranty lasted for 5 years!

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
Thanks for the warning about water collection I'll monitor mine and apply WD40 as required.

I've a feeling the anti corrosion warranty is limited to 'inside to out' rust - eg a door or box section.

Only rust on our 05 model is a tiny bit on the inside of the seam at front of bonnet.
On the Citroen site it shows 3 years Paint warranty and 12 years anti perforation warranty.

I cannot open the PDF that shows more info. but I think the vehicle has to be checked by a dealer every few years, and this will cost you.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Try this Trevor
I am not sure exactly what Anti Perforation means?

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
I wonder if the citroen dealer who decided that they didn't need to use the holes already there and decided to drill new ones and not protect the paint behind the number plate would like to repair my door?, I doubt it. might be worth a call though, mines a 59 plate
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Yeah that's a good question what does Anti perforation mean?
(10-09-2013, 09:57 AM)woodshaper Wrote:  Try this Trevor
I am not sure exactly what Anti Perforation means?


Got it now thank you.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
The perforation warranty needs to be kept up by inspections by Citroen dealer workshop. If car is serviced by Citroen then this inspection is part of service & included in cost but if car is serviced by non franchise garage then car must still be taken to Citroen garage for inspection & has to be paid for.

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