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                Last Sunday (5/2) morning in sunny Derbyshire, before the 4WD's dared venture out!
Sole Member and President for LIFE!
Cracking pics there,a contender for pic of the month if ever I saw one!

Did you fit the bull bar yourself? Where exactly is it bolted on?
Is there any modifications that need to be done underneath to fit it?
So many questions,so little time....Confusedtudy:
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
Morning XTR, not thought of entering the Comp but will do now!
Which one do you think is the best to enter?

The Bull Bars were supplied and fitted by They are the EU approved UK Legal ones. (they cause much less damage to pedestrians than the old ones?)

No modifications apart from removing two bolts from underneath front and refitting different ones and bolting top two brackets behind No Plate, Will take some photos of the mountings and post them later today.

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
its a nice bar, think same as mine, the cobra??
only problem I have found with it is if you go over a sleeping policeman with it too fast it hits the floor.Otherwise Brill.

p.s. I know most policemen are asleep now, unless their winging it in a jam jar having a bit of fun....
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Yep it's a Cobra, speeding over 'Traffic Calming' street furniture is a no, no and the noise tends to make the passengers jump should you accidentally catch one. (hee hee)

Not only does it look good it has also stopped anyone else attempting to make a parking space bigger and *kinking the tops of both my front wings in the process! People tend to leave me a lot more room since they were

*A weakness in the MK3 Berlingo wings, so the Body Shop said:S

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
Nice photos Woodshaper, i thought PCH had changed his username!
Thanks phillip, I am pleased with them.
Altitude much too low to be PCH, the top of hill is a mere 1,000 above sea level, Berli is parked in the lowlands at 550 ish.

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
yes looks like the sister of mine. or brother, wow just think little berlingos running around...maybe, not sure how cars do it????
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Got to be careful when inbreeding, god knows how many more rattles might appear??????????????????????????????????????????????

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
[Image: ?ui=2&ik=6ca9a7bd4e&view=att&th=1260e54c...727dpw0&zw][Image: ?ui=2&ik=6ca9a7bd4e&view=att&th=1260e54c...727qdo1&zw]

Last year there was a foot of snow on my wife's car, and another foot of snow in the front garden. Our ( my ) new baby had not arrived then and it has yet to see much snow ! North Yorkshire we were , now its Cleveland !

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