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Second hand Berlingo advice please!
Hi there,
I am going to see another second hand Berlingo on Friday and wanted some help! I saw a 2005 2.0l diesel desire multispace with 55,000 miles & although I liked it, Im afraid the no air-con was a deal breaker. Feel I need air-con as my dog really suffers in hot cars. SO, Ive now found a 2008 1.6 diesel multispace for £2,450 but miles on the clock are 97, 000 and it makes me a bit nervous! Can anyone tell me what kind of millage these cars can do without heaps of problems?
Please excuse my lack of knowledge! Wink I have been searching for 9 months and originally wanted a Bongo (sorry!) but the rubbish mpg was ultimately something I couldn't compromise on. I love the look of a Heart Berlingo Heart and think it does everything I need it for (dog, kids, camping, day adventuring and tooting around from a-b).
Any advice would be great! Smile
Mileage isn't important,a provable service history is.The 1.6 HDi suffers if the oil is allowed to get too dirty.Receipts to back the service book would be a great help.
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Hello Sarah welcome to the forum good to have you with us make sure it got a full service history and change the oil and filter twelve months or 8,000 mile's the berlingo will serve you well 97,000 just run in happy camping  Smile
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I'm surprised at the Desire not having an aircon as my 04 Desire does. Shame. Great cars.

As others have said, provable oil changes are very important on the 1.6 HDi engine.

You can find out more about the 1.6Hdi and it's issues over on the Frenchcarforum if you wish. There's a few guys on there who've stripped them down in detail to fix this problem.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
Thanks so much for the welcome and the advice! Ok that's made me feel better about the millageSmile It has one previous owner with full service history and last full service was done at 95,000 miles. I will check about the oil, thanks for the head-up. There don't seem to be many second hand for sale in my price bracket, so I know I will have to compromise on something.

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