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Small Object Fell off My Berlingo Today
Earlier today, I opened the passenger side sliding door and noticed a small round object fall on to the floor.

I had a good look over the inside of the door to see if I could find where it had come from, but to avail

When I got home, decided to see if I could find out where it came from

Went on to and looked through the Bodywork section for the rear sliding doors and YES, found it

It's just a 'cover fixing' for a 'round head metal screw'

Glad it's not something important, but it would still cost me over £3 to replace

[Image: 2z50n69.jpg]
Put it back with a dob of Araldite or similar & buy yourself a congratulary pint with the £3.You'll feel better for it.:lol::woop:
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I did tighten the screw a little bit before putting it back in because I thought that the screw working loose might have been the reason it fell out

The piece is only a 10mm x 2mm piece of round plastic, how on earth it is £3 I will never know

By the look of it, it probably only cost 2p to make
Mine is rattling on the Driver side rear. Araldite tomorrow!
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