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Smoking/Over heating up hill
I have an ongoing issue with my 1.9d van.
Going up hill (it is a long steep hill) it starts to loose power. begins to overheat and blows smoke out the back, not sure of the colour really.
On normal flat ground the temperature is okay when moving but rises when stationary. No smoking.
Yesterday I've had the cambelt and water pump done as the cambelt certainly needed changing, and the water pump appeared to be not working correctly.
Tried the hill before work last night and still the same, overheating and smoke.
It runs fine the rest of the time.
Any thoughts guys, I desperately need to be able to go up this hill, as I have to do a massive detour to avoid it to get anywhere!
You probably have leakage between cylinders, lowering compression. If you've nothing to lose, try retensioning the headbolts. Be warned they might snap.
Check that the advance/retard solenoid is working on the injection fuel pump. Under load the injection timing should alter.
Please note that if you want to mess with the bolts, you need to be very careful.

1. Measure the bolts carefully. They must NOT be longer than 125.5 mm from the underside of the head to the tip. any longer and the bolt has been overstressed and is no longer safe for use.
2. They should first be torqued to 20nm (15lbf ft)
3. Second stage is torque to 60nm (44lbf ft)
4. The third and most difficult stage is 'angle tightening' a further 180degrees.

Tightening pattern as seen from the front of the car:

8 4 1 5 9
7 3 2 6 10
(Imagine, working in a widening spiral, starting from 1 )

Angle tightening. This requires a special gauge that fits between the socket that fits the bolt and the wrench, and has an adjustable arm to hook to a non-moving point on the engine.

Not torquing the bolts in the right sequence and to the specified settings can cause bolt to shatter or even the head or the block to crack.

But before doing anything like this, I'd suggest getting a compression test done first.

And if there IS a problem with the gasket/bolts, to get a complete gasket/bolt kit. They're not all that expensive, really.

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