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Snow Chains and 15 inch wheels or 14 inch wheels. Manual request.
Hi all, I have the standard steel 15 inch ET18 wheel on my 56 plate and I'm after a second set of wheel to mount extra tyres for winter.

Trouble is, there doesn't look to be very much clearance around the 15 inch wheel, especially above to the coil spring, for snow chains. I'll take a photo to show the clearance, but I've used chains alot on other cars and it looks to me like even a moderate size chain would foul the coil spring cup.

I know some car driver's manuals forbid snow chains on certain larger size wheels.
I don't have a drivers manual, so could somebody with a pre-new style (e.g. up to 57 plate) model have a quick look in their manual and check for me please?

I know the same model also came with 14 inch wheels and I'm beginning to think that a set of 14 inch wheels might make more sense for the winter tyres?

Can anyone confirm that the 14 inches will be a better choice
Does anyone know whether the fitting the 14 inch wheels will be a bad idea from an insurance\road worthiness point of view.

Any advice appreciated! I know it is unseasonal, but I've got winter tyres on the 15 inch rims now that are due for replacement and I'm hoping to get everything set up at once, ready for next winter.

you could always use autosocks...

(Sorry, not a clue as to what that means. Assuming a Mk.III?)
My poor Mk.I 1999 comes with 175/75 R14 wheels as standard.
Hi Gadgetman, nowt poor about the 1999 version. A fried of mine's has given her the cheapest motoring she will ever have, i.e not a poor car and made her less poor!

Mine is a MkII(actually its a pug partner escapade, but I'm new here and not sure if your supposed to mention that!)

It supposedly has 40mm of extra ground clearance than usual, (like the berlingo XTR?)

The difference between 175/70/14 and 185/65/15 only accounts for about 10mm of that, so the suspension must be different on the high ground clearance model.

Problem is, there is virtually no clearance between the wheel and bottom of the coil spring cup for even low profile snow chains. They would foul the suspension like an angle grinder( I once saw somebody doing this with snow chains on their brand new Range Rover Vogue, looked expensive!)

So I'm wondering if there is a specific restriction against snow chains in the user manual for these versions with 15inch wheels.

Or if there is any restriction against just using the 175/70/14 ET 24 from the normal height Berlingo?

the DVD workshop manaul I bought from ebay seems to list both wheel sizes as options.

I don't have a manual, but for other cars I have owned, they listed the allowed combinations of wheels, tyres and chains for each model.

Thanks for the snow sock advice, I've seen the socks in action and bought my Dad a pair for emergency use on his Passat(alloy wheels, no chains allowed), but I'm not sure they are a complete solution for me with regular bad weather driving in the hills and continent.
I once did 70 miles without being able to take off the chains off the whole way!

I've used the chains less since having cars with winter tyres, but they have proved essential on steeper climbs and descents.
Trust me, it's really 'my poor 1999'...
(as in sickly... )

I have a set of 'quick mount' snow chains in the Berlingo in the winter, but...
Frankly, I've only used them once, to get up the very steep road to my parent's house. (That road has caught and even damaged expensive 4WD cars... )
The rest of the time I trust my studded winter tires to do the job.

The Autosock has been tested extensively on Norwegian winter roads, and even on wet ice during the spring thaw. They're good. (I use chains when needed because chains are still better)
Studded Tyres are the answer, go anywhere ( Illegal in the uk, but so are a lot of things):thumbsup:
[Image: 5yb4hx.jpg][Image: 352fy0y.jpg]
[Image: 24g96ie.jpg]
Studded tyres are the least payback for enthusiastically destroying everyone's cars with salt.

Watch out our little pet forum troll doesn't snitch on you to the DVLA, police and local council.
Who's that then? tell us more Confusedcratch:
[Image: 24g96ie.jpg]

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