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Speed Limiter with Cruise
Hello Folks,
I finally changed my 55 plate Blingo Enterprise Van and we now have a very low mileage 2013 Partner Tepee. I have read the post on retro fit cruise and will do the same soon. My question is about the speed limiter function - does anyone know for certain what other parts are needed for speed limiter function as well as the already mentioned cruise?
Many years ago I drove a Merc with speed limiter and found it even more useful than cruise. We live in Orkney with not a speed camera in sight, but when we travel back to Englandshire it would be very useful to prevent us from gaining those very expensive Brownie points on our licences.
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I think the main expensive retro fit is a different throttle pedal for the speed limiter to work

By the age of your car, it probably already has the clutch pedal and brake pedal switches

I have no idea how much the throttle pedal is, but would be interested to know if you find out

The other cost is for fitment of the pedal. If it's done by a dealer you can be sure it will be a hefty price

The last thing is then the speed limiter needs to be turned on in the ECU, which is easy if you have access to a Lexia/Diagbox
You will just need to change to bosch actuator part that the pedal connects to for speed limiting, as the vans generally come with 5 stage accelerator units and the speed limiter needs a 6.
(12-04-2014, 02:48 PM)osborneelectric Wrote:  You will just need to change to bosch actuator part that the pedal connects to for speed limiting, as the vans generally come with 5 stage accelerator units and the speed limiter needs a 6.

Interesting to know

I wonder if that part can be bought separately from the pedal itself, I hope so, but knowing Citroen/Peugeot, probably not

Now for how much it costs
Many thanks for the quick responses folks, so it seems I only need the cruise/speed limiter switch for the column and the Bosch actuator - I've not checked yet, but assume that is in the engine bay offside like my last Blingo.
I intend fitting everything myself and my friendly dealer says he can reconfigure the system so the cruise will be recognised. I'll check also to see if the clutch and brake switches are correct for cruise. I'll report back on the prices - if they are really silly I might just have the cruise at first.
If the actuator is not too expensive and is reasonably easy to fit, I may also go down this route as I've already got the stalk with both Cruise Control and Limiter on it

You should already have the clutch and brake switches on your 2013 reg, because mine did on a 2010 reg

Fitting of the stalk is easy and I've done a guide on activating it for Cruise Control in the ECU using a Lexia and Diagbox

The Speed Limiter activation is as simple as selecting "Cruise Control with Speed Limiter", as opposed to just "Cruise Control"
After checking for parts I found this.. the pedal is attached to the part needed for cruise/speed limit all as one piece.

[Image: 2m66cs3.png]
Oh that's brilliant folks, so all is in the cabin and no actuator under bonnet. Now just for the prices - I can imagine that the pedal assembly will be a real stinger - but possibly still cheaper than 3 points and a fine and having to tell insurers for the other car and motorbikes each year?

I'll report back when I recover from the shock!

Just checked for my 2010 XTR and the Speed Limiter accelerator pedal (1601 EE) is not an option to choose, but this is probably because the Speed Limiter function was not an option back in 2010

I only have the non Speed Limiter option (1601 EC)

Depending on the cost of this pedal, I may still take the plunge as the fitment seems pretty straight forward

Having checked with Diagbox, there is the Speed Limiter option in the ECU though

[Image: fe11ef.jpg]
Some small progress - still no prices yet, but my very friendly dealer rang back yesterday having trawled some other dealers for answers - some said leave it alone - not exactly what made Great Britain Great! Another was a bit more helpful but not enthusiastic and pointed out that some very late vehicles had firmware which didn't have all options to even enable some options and some base models don't have the slot in the column unit for cruise/limit.
Anyhoo, I will check first that the column can accept the cruise switch and then, after he comes back with prices, I will take it in to have it analysed to see if the cruise/limit options are available in our ECU's. Only then will I go ahead if all is present. If I'm going to keep this for some time, is it worth investing in Diagbox/Lexia ? - I always prefer to be in control of my destiny

Another thing I'm irritated about is the slight rattle over certain road surfaces - all perceived wisdom says it's a 'characteristic' but as an Engineer I don't accept that and would like a permanent solution - I'll post in the correct section for that malady - toying with home made rose jointed drop links, apparently even new ARB links don't cure it, but I'm certain that is where it emanates from.


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