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Stainless steel
Hi Forum,

Am looking to add stainless steel or chrome, mirror covers and the bottom grill in the front bumper. which I have sourced. PCH has the A bar I was looking at fitting but not sure on the Insurance, did you pay any extra premium for that?
I am also considering the side bars, these don't affect the insurance.

I have also seen a Peugeot tepee with chrome/stainless covers around the fog lights, butI haven't seen these anywhere for sale any ideas?

I am waiting on an XTR 110 in black born on 28th Jan 2011, so still waiting for the stork to arrive..
No I didnt tell insurance about bull bar being fitted, but will when I renew insurance in March tell em of all my mods.Considering tunit pack also to boost hp and mph so will include that.
I am not sure about the A bar but one insurance company wouldn't insure the vehicle with a bull bar fitted.

This image shows the polished light surround it's a factory fit from Peugeot so perhaps I'll have to order it from them as a spare? looks nicer than the silver paint, I thought.

Be interesting to know what the insurance says about the Tunit, I'm not too bothered about increased power but fuel economy would be a benefit, although a 10% improvement would take approx. 2 years to pay back
The Parts I am after are available from Peugeot they are 7452VW and 7452VX @£157inc vat EACH, they are taking the &*%% Even the parts guy winced! even more money..
If anyone knows a reasonable priced copy or pair available I'd like to know.


hmm quick bit of research.. came across this
It would seem that the part is including the Lamp etc which I don't need.
Here you can get the parts but for € prices instead of £.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Thanks for the link, the price is similar really.
Spoke to another dealer who is putting a price enquiry to Peugeot to see if it is a mis price, the part is just the surround no lamp or anything. Which is ridiculous, a cover for the mirror housing costs less and is twice as much metal!
Have you checked out Proppa ( for chrome and stainless parts? I know they do Mirror covers and Doorhandle covers

Arctic Steel '54 Berlingo Mutispace Desire
my insurance is actually due sept now, misscalculated it, so havent mentioned a bar too them, it does meet ec new regs so no worries there. If I tell insurance now they will make mid term adjustment and chard another £30.00, so just holding tight. A bar and bike rack prob best mods Ive done for making it personal.

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