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Starter motor woes
The starter motor on my 55 plate 1.6 hdi was sticking occasionally so I bought a new one but whe I fitted it it spins but wont engage the flywheel. I replaced the original one thinking the new one was faulty bvut its now doing the same thing. Any ideas anyone PLEASE !
Try putting the van in 3rd gear and push it to turn the engine a bit. Now try starting it again. If it starts you may have a broken tooth on your ring gear. Confusedalut:
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That's what I was thinking!
Would have thought you might get a crunching sound if it was the ring gear. Is your battery voltage ok? I wonder if it might not just have enough oomph to throw the cog down the shaft toward the ring gear.

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Thanks everyone you ve confirmed my fears of a broken ring gear it looks like its time to hand a big wad of cash ( with a sob and a tear in my eye ) to ,my local garage
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Glad there are Wise men like Rustcrat and Addo on this Forum Bless them.
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Sorry it took so long to get back. I took my car to my local mender ,he removed the starter, checked the flywheel ( no missing teeth ) the electrics ( no problems ) so replaced the starter motor and now it works like it should ,the only explanation he could come up with is " what do you expect from a French car "
Thanks to everyone who suggested a fix or test I just wish I could find the problem was
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It may just have been a bad earth connection between starter & block.I have cured this sometimes by just loosening & retightening the starter mounting bolts.Confusedalut:
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