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Starting problems
Hi everyone, 

I've a 03  2 litre hdi berlingo with starting issues, it hasn't been used for the past five months and had battery removed, it has been service new clutch water pump timing belt new primer bubble new diesel filter housing and a lot of other new parts.

It has a slam locks fitted when I bought it with add on reversing sensors and a lot of extra cables fitted to van

All codes cleared by garage 

Engine will turn over but won't fire or try to start, garage says it an electrical fault or immobiliser fault. The only way I can't start it is by removing an injector plug shorting it to earth via a load ( test lamp or  muilt meter) and turning the key. It starts but runs bad, refit injector cable, engine management light on, switch engine off wait a few seconds and start engine normally ( engine runs perfect ) light is now off.

Garage recons it's an electrical fault causes by the slam lock fitted and the immobiliser is not switching off 
My question is does any one have slam locks fitted ( possible a fleet van has two small aerials fitted to roof and van is blue in colour) and is there a knack to start van .
I would like to leave the slam locks fitted but if I have to rip all the extra wiring out i will.

Or any other simple way to start van 

Thanks Brian
It's very bad that P-codes were cleared.
It would be better to publish those codes at a forum.
DO NOT remove the wiring from any of the injectors and try to start it that way. That injector will go into full fuel and if it does start it could run away or blow a hole in that piston so be careful.
Garage said codes were cleared but not sure even if there were codes there at all, van drove in to garage to get mechinal work done and to get engine bay cleaned ( look like the previews owner work on a quarry there were inches of dust like concrete on everything), easiest way to replace everything was to drop subframe and remove engine, a lot of parts were changed and engined refitted now not starting possible due to the immobiliser there's only one key no fob ,to unlock van just use key and button inside unlocks other doors if no door is opened within 30 seconds all doors will relock ( apart from drivers door) or if a door is open when closed locks straight away. When started by removing cable above I get three bleeps from the console. The bleeps I'm assuming is the immobiliser switching off.
Should I strip out the slam locking system and any extra wires fitted to see will this fixed the problem
Started stripping out extra cables from previews owner slam locks back up sensor Radom cables going no where
Still no joy

have two cables underneath fuse board a white cable with number 6233 and two purple 663 on one can't see number on second the white one is joint to a thick purple one with aclear connector can some one tell me where these are suppose to go

Also got door unlock switch in centre of dash reconnected and there is a red flashing led Is this an alarm or light for immobiliser

Passagner door dose not lock now with centre locking ...

Van is 03 2 litre hdi with side door
Still no joy with van
talking with another mechinal and he recons the bis is shot from leaving battery disconnected and from jump starting

Any ideas or suggestion
Any help at all good or bad is welcome
If the garage used a pressure washer to clean engine bay, water could have got into all sorts of places. You say you drove it to garage for this to be done. Was it OK before cleaning engine bay?
Look for the common denominator. I don't think for 1 minute slam locks could cause this as they are purely mechanical.
No pressure washer was used, engine was removed from van and engine bay was cleaned by hand and brushed ( paint brush) cleaned by myself. As above engine can be started by earthing the injector lead via a multimeter,engine runs bad ,switch off engine ,don't remove key ,refit injector plug, turn key and engine runs perfect, no mechinical issues,
problem sounds like electrical immosibler not disengaging where drivers door is opened,
have removed slam locks have match most of cables together where there were cut still have one white cable and two thin purple cables coming down the side of fuse board to drivers sill and one thicker purple cable coming from the rear of van ( in wiring loom) the purple and white are connected together not sure if this is right or normal in a van to change colour
Trying to get to. A scrap yard to check this.
What is the red flashing light on the dash for .. Alarm ,immosibler or for a visual deterentor only
Have noticed I've no glow plug light comming on but if I turn the key and wait for low fuel light to go off three to four times it starts (sometimes ).mechanic said go plugs where working, not sure if I knocked a wire loose when striping out slam locks can someone tell me what fuses relays and position of timer I need to check please
Are all the glow plugs working?. Its better to take them out and test them individually

I didn't know there was a low fuel light on the early berlingos , especially ones that went out after a while without putting in fuel. Are you getting mixed up with the lights ?

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