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[Steering & Suspension] Rear Beam (Axle) Re-Shafting
OK, first point of relevance is that Berlingos don't exactly grow on trees here (Australia), second is the parts offered by breakers are usually off well-flogged vehicles. Overpriced, too!

My rear axle / beam is knackered. I've eyed up the full kit sold by Neat Car Parts (and presumably, other factors) with two replacement tubular shafts plus bearings and the plastic sleeves. To rebuild would leave me with a bunch of good items of known compatibility and fit.

Has anyone here had a crack at this overhaul? I presume it's what's done to the "professionally rebuilt" items offered for sale. My main curiosity is over how tight the shafts are in the tube, and if they are butted up to a stop or just set to a specified protrusion.

Looking mostly for comment from people who've eyed up this situation, or followed it through, or had a failure in the process. OT comments or thread derailing received in good humour; I think of forums as more like the pub than a classroom.

A good thing here, is no road salt. The pieces will mostly unbolt/unscrew as if made yesterday.

Cheers, Adam.
Tried a search?

This has cropped up a couple of times
Hi, had searched with keywords including rear beam, rear axle, suspension rear among others. Couldn't find any reference to actually changing the shafts.

As alluded to, most people seemed to play ostrich, then ultimately pop in one from a breaker. That the aftermarket mis-supports the problem with an inadequate rebuild kit (no point putting new bearings against a well-worn shaft) doesn't seem to help the issue.

If there's no pictorial for it yet, that's definitely my obligation for the project.
It might have been on a 306 site that I saw pictures. Can't remember why it was disassembled, might just have been for lowering, but it was in pieces. Might be worth nosing around on Peugeot forums

Good luck
Hi, yes the 205 rear is possibly what you've seen dissected on several websites. It and the 306 one is the "other" beam variant (eg, 205, ZX, 306), where the stubs are pressed into the trailing arms and the bearings seated inside the beam's tubular body. They're comparatively easy because you don't have to drop the beam; one side at a time is quite possible (and even recommended) as it means you can match up ride heights to prior.

Also the assembled shaft/arm is quite short and easily handled in a press. With the 405/Partner/Berlingo variety, you do need to completely drop the beam (unless one plans to be an utter cowboy with a sledgehammer and oxy) and thus all the rigging around it like brake lines gets opened up... Doubt there's anyone here who likes bleeding PSA rear brakes with the "U-turn" flex hose setup :/

Not to worry; my only concern is that the workshop press can deal with the overall length of the shaft or I'll have to take it to a truck diff specialist who I know have a massive unit. You'll be happy with my attention to detail when it's all done. Smile
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Hi Addo,
I for one will be following this thread with interest. I don't have a clapped out axle but you never know about the future do you.
Whilst you have it apart have a look at putting in a grease nipple and report back as this is something I'd like to consider doing to my own vehicle prior to axle failure if possible.
Geoff ( from Old South Wales ).
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G'day Geoff, the grease fittings will be a snack when it's in pieces. A good how-to on the rebuild, will at least give people the freedom to choose their DIY comfort level. I'm looking forward to it!

Cheers, Adam.
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A minor update; this is still vexing me as it hasn't magically healed.

I found this UK supplier of beam pivot shafts:

Good price, too. Been cheeky and asked if they'll post VAT-free to my end of the world. The Poles weren't responding, and the Lithuanian supplier (of the Polish made parts) was heavy on freight.
Another moderate update.

The new shafts (Polish labelled) and bearings (Nadella branded) are now in my paws awaiting this overhaul process. In the end, the seller was lazy - can't think of a better word - and I had to buy them with VAT inclusive and send to a UK address. I think carriage was half as much as the parts again; hard to be accurate on this as I posted a bunch of stuff together.

Estimated work date is late October - I'm awaiting a new extra-long T50 driver bit, rather than make do with one of the long right angled wrench types. Stahlwille showed a nice one for £17-ish so that's what I picked.
Progress of sorts - work has commenced.

Removal relatively intuitive for someone with mechanical experience - no hidden "gotchas" save for one transverse brake line clip to body. Dismantling a right bugger - had to rap on the actual torsion bars near the splines to break their friction/rust bond. Used a small head bolt (M8 thread) and stacked sockets as a pulling arrangement. Easier to lift down off the car with two people.

Currently stuck on the old shafts, stumped for ways to remove them intact. Think in the morning, I'll be cutting the external portion off and air sawing a longitudinal slot in the remaining 65mm embedded into the cradle. Hoping there is a "seat" that stops the new stubs when correctly pressed in - will simplify things massively.

Hasn't helped to tweak my back today after a weekend of solid slog. Sad
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