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[Steering & Suspension] heavy steering
Hi all, looking for a bit of help please.
I have a 53plate 1.9Diesel berlingo van with a steering prblem.
The steering has gone heavy and tight, feels like it is locked in position at times.
Replaced power steering pump and steering rack today and it has not made any diference
Any advice/help
Broken front springs can sometimes snag and tighten the steering, Check them at the top coils of the spring.

The only other thing is the ball joints at the bottom of the suspension struts. These usually get slacker as they wear unless they are worn to the extent they are about to fall out of the socket. ( which I doubt)
I have checked the springs and everything looks ok. Will have a look at the ball joints tomorrow.
I had a similar problem, it turned out to be the universal joint on the steering column that had dried up. Spray loads of WD40 on it and it should loosen up if it is the fault. Won't cure it but will give a good indication. Replacement lower column is £53.

Alternatively there are bearings on the top of the struts, but I imagine that you would have noticed if they were knackered when you swapped the rack.
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Thank`s JohnM, someone else said exactly the same to me today regaring the UJ on the steering column. Will give that a bash
Thank`s JohnM, i tried what you said and it worked. Wish i had asked before replacing the pump and steering rack.
Much appreciated, best regards
(07-01-2013, 01:50 PM)haveabash Wrote:  Thank`s JohnM, i tried what you said and it worked. Wish i had asked before replacing the pump and steering rack.
Much appreciated, best regards

Glad to help, I very nearly went down the same route as you, it is surprising how much effect a dry U/J has.

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