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Stereo Wiring Issues!
Just took out the Clarion cd player to replace it with my trusty Sony CDX250  (which has been in my Picasso and Renault Scenic before that).  I ordered the Clarion loom adaptor and fitted it.  It works!  Well, sort of.  There is no memory, and it only works when the ignition is on - which tells me its only the ignition feed thats connected via the  adaptor.  I have also had to buy an aerial adaptor (never seen this type of aerial before!).  How do I go about changing the  dreaded yellow and red wire and which ones are they?  On the cd side of the adaptor or between the Fakra and the adaptor?   
I have also seen horror advice warning about not connecting the wrong cables as it could fry the multiplex computer!  How different is this to my old 2008 Picasso (which also had multiplex) and our Pug motorhome (which also has multiplex!).  Is it really that scary?
I know, lots of questions....
You need a multimeter to identify the switch live and permanent live, then cut both wires and swap them around using crimps, now your stereo will have memory when switched off
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(20-08-2015, 06:20 PM)berlingo power Wrote:  You need a multimeter to identify the switch live and permanent live, then cut both wires and swap them around using crimps, now your stereo will have memory when switched off

Thanks for that.  I have now switched around the red and yellow - and it still goes off and loses the memory!    Very perplexed so now looking for an auto electrician.  Very odd.  This is not my first citroen, always been easy to plug and play before.  My have to resort to keeping the clarion - but thats another story.
I had to take a permanent live from the cigarette lighter.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Hi Chris.Youve probably got it sorted by now but the permanent live feed which goes to your memory must as it says be permanently live otherwise it WILL loose all its settings.If you make up a small test lead with a couple of bits of cable soldered to a small 12 volt light bulb or buy a lead there very cheap in somewhere like Toolstation or even ebay and give the feed a test.Put one side of the test lead on earth and the other on the cable your testing and switch your ignition on and off.If the light stays on with the ignition off youve found the permanent live.Simples.

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