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Still on new-car (well. new-oldie) high!
Hi all,
First, thanks for this forum which has helped us buy a good'un!
CandR are Carry and Richard, in Amsterdam, who drove a '97 ZX 1.9D happily for many years. It was doing fine even after nearly 250.000 until the heater blew coolant all over the electrics behind the dashboard. Hope someone is now pulling some worthwhile parts off it in a yard somewhere! So at last we had an excuse to get a Berlingo, which we've been wanting for a long time.
After frantic research including reading lots of threads on this forum, a stack of print-outs of ads from internet sites, we bought the second one we test-drove, and cancelled all the other appointments we'd made to drive others.
We've got a bright blue multispace, 2002. less than 100,000 miles, one owner, service history, looks almost perfect, drives perfect, no rattles, quiet, etc...... Just felt right to both of us.
Yes we know that the Mk2 is more comfortable and so on, but A: we're a bit impecunious, and B: we have always thought that the original Lingo design was special for a van, or later an MPV. It's neat, no pretentious bulges (Kangoo, etc.), without being boxy. We like to keep cars for a long time, and plan to keep this one going! Today I ® had my first drive to a job, on roads where I could push it a bit. Grinned all the way. When we ride together we keep nudging each other and smiling. Plus it's going to be great for the grand-kids, the elderly chums we often transport, and bags of cement for the ruin we've been gradually turning back into a house in Northern Italy (now at the stage of 'camping with a roof', as a friend put it).
I'm sure we'll come up against a few niggles in the future with a ten-year-old, so you'll hear from us....
You will have gathered that we both like cars. Carry learnt to drive in a 'Traction Avant', and my first motor was a Riley RMA. And up until now the best car we've had for the dirt track to the house in Italy was a bright red BX break 1.9D. We thought the ZX was a temporary replacement, but it just wouldn't stop!
This is too long, sorry - yes, still high!
Carry and Richard
welcome and enjoy your new car
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Welcome aboard Carry and Richard. Hope you have many thousands of trouble free miles out of the new one. A friend of mine (actually former boss) bailed out from the drudgery of being a salary slave some years ago and bought a broken down old farm and farm house in Tuscany (inland a bit from Cecina). Worked like a dog to rebuild everything and now has a thriving olive oil and wine production in addition to renting out apartments in the farm house. Where in Italy is your project?? I love northern Italy.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Welcome, Might bump into you soon lol..I'm off to Amsterdam at the weekend (3rd visit, love the place)
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

Apologies to 3rensho and Pete A..... I don't like it when threads 'hang' without answers to civil questions - and now I'm guilty! Been a bit preoccupied, sorry.
Our place in Italy is just over the border from France. From Nice to the border, turn left in Ventimiglia and it's in a little valley below Olivetta. Ten minutes walk from the nearest parking place, secluded on a little piece of land beside a river. Think it'll be a while before it's anywhere good enough to rent to anyone - but it's fantastic to literally get away from it all.
Pete - yes, Amsterdam is fun. Been here more than 20 years now. Lots of 'Lingos, too!
All the best,

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