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Straight Diesel or HDI Partner or Berlingo
Looking around for a berlingo or partner but not sure whether to go for 1.9 straight diesel or hdi models. Heard different reports for both. What's fuel consumption like for both and reliability? Heard the hdi is expensive to repair. Any thoughts or opinions?
I couldn't tell you if the hdi is expensive to repair, in 100k it hasn't let me down!
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HDI every time :thumbsup:
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1.6 HDI better on fuel and goes like stink. PS better for the planet lol

1.9D less to go wrong very basic old school oil burner but still very good.

I have a 1.6 hdi and wish they were still as simple as the old 1.9 tank but they are not by a long way!
HDi - Keep the oil and filter changed every 9000 km and absolutely use a B71 2290 compliant oil and they seem to be great.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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I have a 2.0 hdi with 128k on it and it runs sweet, giving me a regular 48mpg in normal driving. Parts are well priced and easy to get and the Berlingo forum is most excellent for good advice!! As has been said, keep on top of servicing and they make a great practical car.
I have the 1.9 straight diesel van, it's a nice little van. I'd say the reliability depends on a bit of luck, how the last owner drove it and like the guys here say keeping ontop of the servicing.

I have to say it isn't the fastest thing in the world Smile
I've also got the 1.9 and it's fine provided you don't want to overtake in a hurry or speed up a steep hill. With a heavy load in it will labour. Having said that we've just been down to Cornwall and back with 4 people in the car and a boot full of camping stuff and whilst it was slow I was overtaking a fair number of other vehicles, just not very quickly.

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