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Sun viser
Sun viser clip snapped, the car is less that 2year old will this be covered under warranty? Cheers for any info . Wullie
You can only try, visit Citroen Finnieston and ask them....they may say it's wear and tear though.
Citroen Finnieston, 58 Finnieston Street, Glasgow G3 8JR 01414134663
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
If the dealer won't replace, email Citroen from Citroen UK website & complain. The dealer may well then ring you & tell you to bring it in for repair. This worked for me when I had gear lever boot split & paint peel off the black sliding door runners within warranty period when dealer stated cosmetic stuff wasn't covered by warranty.
Cheers Guys. Wullie
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, last night I put my window down and it won't go up unless I take key out and hold it in to close car , does anybody have any idea what could be wrong with it, if I press up it goes down and won't go back up unless I do it with the key as if I'm closing it it's the passengers one, any help would be great thanks. Wullie
No idea but since you'll be going to the dealer anyway I'd let him sort it under warranty.
The car is out of warranty now, I was just wanting a idea so I can't get the rip took of when I go to a garage. Wullie
If the window will lift using remote when you lock doors then presumably motor is ok, so could well be just the switch.
Ye think your right there , I had I guy day the same, any idea how much the switch is for it, many thanks .Wullie
There appear to be three part numbers, but 6490E3 seems to have been superseded by 6490HQ

Cost on are:-

6490 E2 = £16.41
6490 HQ = £31.48

[Image: windowswitch.jpg]

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