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Swappability Q: Tacho vs Non-Tacho Clusters
Have a sneaky feeling that Rustscrat may know the answers (I don't)! 1.4 Petrol manual van, non BSI.

Have: Barebones dash
Want: Tacho dash

I've got the cluster apart and it looks like the white plastic shell, visor and basic circuit board are the same for all variants. Citroën wiring diagrams simply show the clusters as a "monobloc" with wires going in but no exposing of actual circuits; it becomes hard to go forwards in learning.

Will pretty much any Jaeger tacho from the later nineties fit (eg, 306, 406)? I'm not fussed about the digital clock bit as I plan to convert the centre cubby to house a 406 trip computer with clock and temp.

Ta for any comments/suggestions. I was hoping to spend the 25th grafting in a Series 2 Xantia tacho (Sagem) but they're totally different.

Cheers, Adam.
Be careful swapping the clusters as the mileage on the mk2's will add together the original count + the new one. Don't know if this will happen on your Mk1 but just be wary.
As for the tacho - If you P/mail me your Vin No. I'll have a look at the spec etc. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Cheers. I'm pretty casual about the VIN as the locks are knackered! You need a good knack for key bumping to get access (this has fetched some odd looks in carparks as people think I'm busting in myself).

65440259 should see you sorted.

The speedo is electrically driven full analogue, tacho is usually in this era driven off an ECU pin but not sure which number.
Need the first 9 characters as well addo, usually starts with VF7 etc. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Sorry; I'd assumed you were working off Servicebox.


Can't remember the RPO offhand but it's about Feb 2000 from memory (8500 or so). Almost the last week of the early style clutches (a subtle variance to jag the unwary mechanic).


[Image: dashfront1.jpg]

Back, with small piggyback board (Magneti Marelli - suspect a tacho driver) flopped aside:

[Image: dashback1.jpg]

Back, piggyback board flipped over:

[Image: dashback2.jpg]

Back; the indicated "stub" buzzed out several links to the piggyback board. Is this the tacho connection, cut short? The other truncated connection - temperature sender?

[Image: dashback3.jpg]

Below, with the grey cover refitted. Piggyback board clips into this cover:

[Image: dashback4.jpg]
Sorry, thought you were swapping the whole clock assembly. Looks like it could be possible to swap if the signal wire is there (pin 1, 8way yellow connector wire No.426/4260 green). The circuit board seems to be part of the temp gauge as this is listed as an attached part of it.
You will probably find the tacho has it's own circuit board like the speedo.
Can't give you a definite yes or no to weather it will work but it's worth a try. Let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:

[Image: mwcndz.png]

[Image: 16kc5r6.png]
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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  • addo
Marvellous; that last illustration is a cracker.

The required tracks are there on the Mylar substrate, so it is going to be a fairly simple one to splice in. Just need to find a suitable Jaeger tacho at the right price (NOS unit on Fleabay asking £70-plus, seems a little steep for me).

I love the simplicity of this car - it's like my S1 405 in so many ways, even down to the signature note of that wet liner block. (And yes, I have thought about a 1.9 Mi16 engine swap! :twistedSmile
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Interim update here, have blagged a full (used) set of pre-mux petrol clocks on Fleabay for less than a tacho alone. It'll be a few weeks until I see them but will confirm or otherwise, the interchangeability possible.

The photos look very promising, but an 8K tacho on the 1.4 seems like dating a supermodel - you might dream, but you're not likely going to hit it... Temp display will be a nice extra.
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  • Rustscrat
Brief note to update...

There are some differences that would render "just" fitting a tacho more of a challenge.

The white plastic shell differs for the tacho dash; flexible circuits are also different enough that you would need to be a committed tinkerer. Even the clock input has more wires. What I suspected as tacho feeds, cut off - aren't. They might well be for a model with trip confuser.

It looks like I'll put the Aussie speedometer in the imported clock set, and make sure all bulbs are OK. Disappointed in a way, as I had hoped for a bit of enjoyable tinkering - rather than a dicey mission soldering lots of wires on to Mylar - have enough risks on board presently to not want another.

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