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Hello everyone.

After the recent thread on here about having the correct load rated tyres for the vans I have looked at mine. Handbook says to use 175/65 r14 90t. Unfortunately only my spare wheel is right at the mo, the rest being load 82.

So because it would be just my luck that something would happen and I would end up not being covered by insurance or something I have decided to change the tyres.

Been looking around and fancy the BF Goodrich Activan but for 4 they come in at around £240 plus fitting. On the other hand I have found Doublestar DS828 tyres that cost only £150 plus fitting. Has anyone ever had this tyre brand before? I haven'y heard of them but I am tempted to be s cheapskate and try them out!

Any advice on brands or prices would be very much appreciated.....

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This thread will be on fire very soon!
My tuppenceworth is out of experience - cheap tyres are fine if you have a steady eddie driving style.
But if you have an emergency stop situation they can add critical yards to your stopping distance.
I agree and usually dont mind going for the cheaper ones as I never tend to be in much of a hurry these days, must be getting old before my time!
Havent been able to find any info on grip apart from a C rating for wet weather.
£100 is a good saving tho :S
Budget tyres aren't worth it in my experience. Apart from longer stopping distance in emergency situations ( doesn't matter if you're doing 30 when a nipper steps out, you still need to stop quickly ) they also wear faster and don't hold the road as well, especially when it's wet.

I use Michelin energy 185/65/15 at around £75 new, but recently I picked up two part worns with 7mm of tread ( new they have 8mm ) for just £50 fitted.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Your brakes & steering etc,are only as good as your tyres.
With good brand tyres you get better as well as longer life.
I will not fit cheap tyres,I'm too valuable.:whistle:Confusedalut:
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I just looked at the National Tyres website and they don't list any 90 / T tyres in that size ???
I'm a test pilot, too. My initial choice balances price against UTQ gradings; if they are much chop I will use them again.

Part of "driving to the conditions" IMO includes being aware of how your tyres may behave.

If dead stops at minimum distance really mattered above all, I'd have the lightest 17" wheels, stickiest tyres and 330×28mm Tarox rotors with four pot Brembos off a Pug 607.
(29-03-2013, 11:26 PM)geoff Wrote:  I just looked at the National Tyres website and they don't list any 90 / T tyres in that size ???

No the high street suppliers dont stock them at all. Which is probably why my van has ended up with the wrong tyres, as I have only ever replaced them with a like for like swap so whoever had it before me put the wrong ones on. I have been looking at this site

They have pretty good prices and can deliver to a local fitter.

Tho having said that I just ordered 4x Michelins from Grippy and I am getting them fitted on a sunday at the house so thats much easier Big Grin
Heres a question which is kinda related. Wheel load ratings? I was planning putting the new tyres straight onto some alloys I got for the van, but are they load rated aswell? :S
You would need to contact the maker or importer to get specific data, but a general answer is "Yes". Note that some alloy wheels are sold with the pointed imputation they're for commercial applications. If you're using donor wheels, sensible comparison of the two vehicles in terms of load and power may be of assistance.

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