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Taking the Berlingo abroad
Now that I've convinced Wor Lass to keep the Berlingo, she's started to make noises about going camping in it (as in sleeping in the back) - around France! :eek:

Up to now we have always had self-catering holidays in the UK, using my BMW for transport, and TBH I wouldn't need to think twice about taking the BMW to France. Being a 3ltr it takes long distances in its stride (and it's economical too, I can get well north of 45mpg without even trying!).

When she was looking for the Berlingo all she wanted was the cheapest to run on a day-to-day basis. As she's a community nurse she has to do a lot of stop-start driving, her cars never go more than 10 miles from home and probably never get above 60mph. So I advised her to get an early 1.6, as it comes without DPF.

With the waffle out of the way, now I can cut to the chase....... Will the 1.6/75bhp cope with hours-on-end constant speed motorway work? Personally, I think that if this plan of her's comes off we want to be looking for a 2.0ltr mk2 Berlingo/Partner to do it in. This partly based on an assumption that the bigger engine will have longer gearing (does it??).

I have also come-up with a couple of possible alternatives to a 2ltr.....
1) Get a remap on the existing car to improve power/torque/economy. Obviously this does nothing for the (potential) gearing issue.
2) Upgrade to a mk3/110bhp (but that is unlikely because she insists her car has to be garaged and the mk2 is a very tight squeeze, and the mk3's taller, right??).

What is/are your thoughts? Anyone had/have similar holidays in their Berlingo/Partner?

Not the owner, just the bloke who looks after it.

ALL the owner does is drive it and put fuel in. Rolleyes
There's lot of camping threads on here including some very well done fit outs in the back for camping equipment beds etc.

Personally I would get a remap to 90bhp as the 75bhp version and the 90bhp version are the same van , just a different map sets them apart.
I find the Berlingo brilliant for long trips. Drive it for what it is and enjoy a more relaxed pace, the journey will be less tiring and more enjoyable. Nothing wrong with the 1.6 diesel as long as it is serviced correctly.

I don't think I would want to sleep in it though, I prefer a hotel these days!
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If it's been well cared for the 1.6 HDI will take you there and back no problem and good mpg Confusedalut:
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Admittedly mine is a 90bhp but I go to Germany every year,going 1st to Dresden,then to Munich & back home.I drive in a relaxed style & if you drive it for what it is I believe 70bhp is enough.Give it a go,I bet you will come back with a grin.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Your used to driving a 3.0L BMW you know how it drives and you have the comfort for driving long distances.
Theres nothing wrong with taking the Berlingo abroad and spending hours in it and sleeping, lots of people do it. You may enjoy it or you may have a miserable holiday wishing you had taken the BMW. Regarding MPG there is not a lot in it i used to get 42-45mpg driving at 70mph i had a mk3 1.6 90hp.
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In 2012 I drove my 1998, 220k mile 1.8 n/a diesel Berlingo approx 1200 mile round trip from Yorkshire to Amsterdam. Filled with 4 lads and camping gear.

Acceleration not brilliant but it was happy sitting on the motorway at 70-80 or so and performed far better than a poor clapped out van had any right to!
i dont know what the gearing is like on the 1.6 as i run a 2004 2.0 hdi desire it has plenty of pulling power and is quite swift through the gears it sits at 70 on motorways at 2400 revs so not even breaking into a sweat.
I got mine in april to use as a courier driver,95% of which is like leeds to south coast,leeds to scotland etc, I got it with 42k on the clock,58 plate 1.6,it's now got 74k on,recorded all the fuel used (filled to brim every time)over the 4 and a bit months and I've averaged 58.4 over 32k miles, highest of 66mpg down to a low of 54.7 when on a full load trip,usually only carrying an envelope or small package,I get 750 miles per tank easy,stretching it to an 850 personal best,twitchy bumb time as the light had been on for quite awhile,I sit at a steady 60/65 traffic permitting usually spending 12/14 hours on the seat, comfort has been improved immensely by the fitting of a centre armrest and use of a cushion to stave off the numb bum which blighted the 1st month :-), I dont find it noisy at all,the bulkhead partition probably helps and as mentioned,it's much more relaxing cruising at a lower speed, I was thinking about the remap but dont want to upset my mpg (if it would ? dont know,someone fill me in )as thats the thing that makes the money.... use the lingo,you may be surprised kerching :-)
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I have a MK3 1.6 75bhp with a tuning box. I think it produces around 90bhp with the box. I go to Cornwall every month and usually do around 1000 miles in about 4 days, and it's spot on. I average 52-55mpg on the motorway doing 70-75mph. It's not too bad to sleep in either, double airbed fits just right Smile
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