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The very unofficial guide to fitting the boot light/torch
Problem:  I've got a 64-reg Berlingo Multispace 1.6 XTR Auto (which is fab).  But the boot was darker than a black hole - the light at the top achieves almost nothing, as the boot cover almost completely obscures it, even when folded back.

Intended solution:  Buy the official boot light, chop a hole in the side panel, find the connector ready to plug it in, clip it in, the end.

Actual solution:  Nothing like that.  There is no wiring for it (I think they may have now stopped fitting this unit completely).  The boot panel has a cutout marked for it but this is just to build your hopes up and annoy you.  In fact, the clips that hold the light unit in are only present on a different panel that is fitted in its place if the boot light is to be fitted.  I didn't know any of this until I'd cut a hole in mine, then went to see the dealer.

The citroen part no for this unit is C6362Z0.  They have a warning on the system that replacement bulbs are not available.  Don't worry about this.

Time for some piccies:

Before destruction commenced...

Starting to cut - the best way is to hold the knife at an angle and repeatedly drag it along each line with just slight pressure.  Use the spare hand to push against, so you won't slip and cut where you shouldn't....

After about 10 cuts, the blade will pop through.  Then push it along the rest of the line - it should not need any more than light pressure...

Then just tickle around the corners a bit and pop it out...

I found it best to smooth the edges after this photo was taken, by holding the blade at 90 degrees to the edge and shaving it along - like shaving your face, but along any rough edges, until it's smooth and there are no bits sticking out that might stop it fitting flush.

This is the back of the torch/light unit.  I just wired to the PCB directly, as I don't have a plug to suit its socket.  I just used the inner cores from 5A-rated 3-core mains flex.  My colour code is yellow/green=0V, brown=permanent live, blue=switched live (when boot is open).  Inspired by the anti-rattle wiring used elsewhere, I've fabric-covered my wires using old-fashioned sticky-backed cotton bike handlebar tape - I'm sure there's a proper product for it, but this does the job for £3 from ebay...

To be continued...
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  • Andre
I popped out the cigar lighter socket just above.  This is where I'm taking the permanent live feed from.  I cut into its 12V feed and connected into it, just using a terminal block - green is the 12V in this case...

I then connected to the existing interior light to get 0V and switched live connections from it.  I managed to gently lever up bits of its circuit track and fit terminal blocks directly to it...

To feed the cable to the top interior light, it needs to be fed up the pillar.  I did this by removing the rear light cluster.  I fed the cable through the white foam panel shown previously, then dropped a cable down from the interior light, and tied the two together then pulled it back up to the top.  This is the view from where the light cluster fits, showing the new cable coming through the foam panel and going up the pillar...

And all back together again - there is no means of clipping the torch into the panel, so I glued it in with epoxy adhesive, after lightly sanding the back of the torch/light unit to give a key.  Reckless as it sounds, it isn't actually removable even with the proper panel anyway, so you'd still need to remove the panel to access it either way...

To be continued...
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  • Andre
And a couple of photos of the boot light and removable torch.  Both bulbs are LED replacements.  The boot light is a 1W non-CANBus type, so I'm assuming that its extra load will be insignificant compared to the 5W bulb already fitted.  I will replace all interior bulbs with LEDs eventually, as the standard ones are like birthday candles...

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  • Jed Clampit, philip, Trevor
That looks neat, well done.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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  • Mankie
Good write up top mark's all round   Cool   Can someone put this in the how to  Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Brilliant write up, moved to the How To.

Much appreciated!
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"The boot panel has a cutout marked for it but this is just to build your hopes up and annoy you."
I have the same looking boot as you, apart from i dont even have a 12v socket, let alone a marked cut out whatnot. If i were to acquire a torch, where would i the 'live feed' feed from?
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but youll know how desparate i am for a torch!
Any suggestion much appreciated.
Sorry - I only just saw your post above.

You need the branch from the interior light as shown, for the boot light. You also need a supply for the battery charger that's on with the ignition. If you don't have the ciggy lighter then I don't know. I wonder what wiring's in place for a tow ball? That would be reasonably close if it's lying around somewhere.

Make sure it's fused appropriately too. I've swapped out the fuse for the rear ciggy lighter for a lower one, as I'm not going to light any cigars off it.

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