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Timing Chain or Belt?
hi - my wife recently rescued a husky pup (we have 3) however he just completely trashed the rear seats of her 2 year old avensis.

tomorrow i'm going to look at a berlingo from a dealer to customize for the dogs use

here's the description:
May 2010 Citroen Berlingo M-SP VTR HDI 90 5 seater - 87k - 1560cc diesel - manual - £4995

i have 2 questions:-

a) does the 1560cc diesel engine have a timing chain or belt?

b) does the price £4995 seem ok?

any other info appreciated

Hi and welcome to the site.
It will have a timing belt as all Berlingos have.
As for the price without seeing it that's very difficult to say.
If looking for a second hand one please make sure that you get the full service history, at that age and mileage the belt will not need replacing yet. Don't have my handbook close by me but the belt it is suggested by Citroen needs changing at 'around' 130000 miles or 10 years I think. (I would change it a lot earlier  than that just for peace of mind)
Will try to find my book later.

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Hi welcome to the forum ,
When I read your post I had always assumed it was a belt driven camshaft , but it seems to have both a belt and a chain. The Ford connect 1.9 has a belt and chain but they are not used the same way as your intended. The ford set up is the chain drives the fuel pump which drives the belt which drives the camshaft, Why ? god only knows .

As for the berlingo 1.6 as far as I can make out the belt drives one camshaft and a chain from the camshaft drives the other camshaft.
These engines do not have a good reputation as far as turbo charger reliability( lack of sufficient lubrication) goes, your intended one may be OK but a lot of people try to avoid them altogether as they tend to eat turbos.

Don't know about the price though.
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Service history than can be proved is essential as the turbo hates dirty/inferior oil.My advice,if you get it is 6,000m oil change with Total ineo 5/30.Good luck. Smile
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Hello prostrick welcome to the forum good have you with us as the other's wrote service service service for a long life  Smile
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