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[Tires & Wheels] Spare tyre rant
Evening all,

Always been quite hacked off by the spare wheel arrangements on our 2010 110 XTR. The rear has to be jacked up to get the 16" tyre out even when lightly loaded ( there is a towbar I grant you) and then hoiking 19kg of tyre and steel wheel back into the carrier with one hand at arms length while trying to re-engage the retaining bolt is not something one would want to do suited and booted.

Now I find a line has been seared into the spare by the metal retaining cage nearest to the exhaust. Does it perhaps run hotter when the DPF doodad thingie fires up?

[Image: 13174254313]

here is a snap ( I hope)


And have a nice day Mr Citroen....

And a double grrrr for both photo loading options on the forum not working. Doing it manually it's at .....
Wow which side of the bed did you get out of to day ? Rolleyes Lucky I have not had to get mine out yet spare tyre that is i think i will remove it and put the tyre in the back thank's for the warning :thumbsup:
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I would say one of the good points about the current Berlingo is that unlike most cars it still retains a full size spare wheel. After that I would agree that most of it is bad. I can just about access spare wheel without jacking, this with swan neck towbar fitted & wheel carrier will damage sidewall if spare is not rotated monthly, either just in the carrier or as I do, swap the wheels around on the car. This means replacing all 5 tyres at once though as they all wear together.
I take mine out usually three times a year to check the pressure, clean off some road grime and apply some grease to the bolt threads (lowering bolt) so if/when I need it it isn't seized. Never found it much of a chore.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
I prefer the transit connect system, had a few punctures and never took long to sort

I dread the 1st one in the berlingo
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Ive got a fixed Witter towbar- no issues accessing the spare save kneeling in a puddle if I chooose to.Just drop the carrier and use it as a ramp to slide the wheel up or down .
Mines got a big foil guard over the exhaust I dont get any sandwich toaster effect. .
In any case I keep a barely legal nasty old tyre on a rusty rim as a spare anyway in case someone decides to help themselves.
I remember when I bought my M59 and I was glad I never had to stop changing my wheel. Decided to inspect the system and thought this has to be the shittiest design ever. The wheel brace is suppose to fit the bolt which hardly does (it's almost like a circle than a hex), and despite the bolt being stainless steel the metal support isn't so after 20 turns with the socket it locked solid. Got the angle grinder and cut off the bolt and removed the whole system. Now if I go somewhere for a long distance like pick somebody from the airport, I just load the spare tyre in the back. I also heard people driving on the motorway and due to rust the whole thing falls down and makes nice sparks while you drive Big Grin
Should you decide that you like to have a spare wheel under there, I recommend you ghetto up something with some leather straps.
Think of something similar but underneath the car, which will unhook so much simpler when you really need it.


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