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[Tires & Wheels] Tyre Pressure(s) Not Monitored
I've got a 64-reg with TPMS.

I got a flat today, so got a new tyre fitted and then swapped it with the spare, so what was the spare is now one of the four running wheels.

On the way home I got a beep, yellow ! inside a tyre light and "Tyre Pressure(s) not monitored" on the stereo/clock display.

Does the spare not have a TPMS transmitter? That would be nuts if it was the case. Can you not even use the spare without re-programming the thing at a dealer?

I expected that all five would have a transmitter, they transmit only while they're turning, and the computer is happy to receive updates from any four of the five. It would seem that it's not happy that one of the four that were fitted is now the spare.

It's under warranty, but the tyre was changed at a tyre shop, not the main dealer. I'm not sure whose problem it is now.

Does anyone know how this system is meant to work, and does the fact that it's not happy mean that something's got damaged?
Not totally sure about the spare having tpms, it's likely it doesn't.
If you get the tyre done at any tyre bay, they should be able to sort it out.
However, it never ceases to amaze me how they have neither the equipment or knowledge to carry out this work correctly.
We fit loads of tpms valves these days, due to local tyre places, messing them up.
I'm going to ring the Citroen dealer and see what the score is. It's stupid if you can't use the full-size spare without getting two yellow lights all the way home. If there's a way of adding a fifth TPMS valve and programming it in to make it happy then perhaps that's the way to go.

More penny-pinching no doubt - I'll find out what's what.
The spare does not have a sensor.
As soon as you replace the original wheel all will be well again (as long as the company replacing the tyre hasn't destroyed the sensor).
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
Yes, Mine has steel wheels so I am used to swapping around spare. It's what I have always done. Looking at a brand new 'lingo in Cit garage yesterday it was a version with steel wheels & what looked like a full sized roadwheel spare so one would hope they are still interchangeable.
Mine's got steel wheels and a full-size spare, so the five wheels are identical.

Her highness is out in at the moment, so I can't have a look at it - I need to check to see whether they all have the same looking valves. It's blooming daft if they can't be swapped around without problems. Perhaps it would almost make sense with alloys - where the spare is different.

Anyway, I rang the dealer. They said that there may be something in the dashboard menu that allows you to reset or configure it. I'm not hoping for much, but I'll have a look later when it's here.

If there are only four then I'm hoping that the thing is able to accept a fifth one being added. If so then perhaps I'll shell out for a fifth fancy valve and get it programmed in, depending on what stupid amount this would cost.

The alternative would be to disable the entire system, but that seems a bit stupid - it is a safety system after all. But I know from googling that TPMS seems to cause lots of annoyance and expense.

Edit: According to ebay, the valve is the same as fitted to Jaguar Land Rovers and they're not very expensive, £20+ish. Does anyone know whether it would be possible to add a fifth, and what gear would be needed to do this - is it main dealer only? If there's a cheap way to connect to the CAN bus and do it myself then that might be better.

Example listing - I haven't checked if this is right, but it supposedly is...
Yes, it's all a bit odd. I'm 60 odd now but part of my driving learning curve aged 17 was changing a wheel, punctures seemed to happen about 3 times a year then. I've always checked my tyre pressures weekly so I suppose technology is leaving me behind? Presumably many young drivers no not regard wheel changing as a diy project, what was 30min roadside delay becomes a possible overnight stay in a hotel in a car with no spare. All utterly bizarre to me.
At least there is a spare wheel, not many new cars do today. Perhaps a thin spare temporary wheel would make more sense then an expensive full sized one.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
The info from Solent is spot on. It doesn't have one on the spare - I've just checked, and the valve stem is a different shape to the others.

That link I gave previously is the wrong valve for a Berlingo, I believe.

The correct one is £50+, and it needs to be programmed into the system which costs extra.

This is the one that looks the same as the other valve stems...

Kwik Fit can't do it, so it's a main dealer job.

So I'm guessing it's £100+ if you don't want two yellow lights, a beep and an alarming message while using the spare. The two yellow lights remain on, and they're bright, plus they could hide other faults if you're ignoring them. I don't even know whether it's capable of having all five programmed in.
Well - the answer from the Citroen dealer and a local independent Citroen garage is that you can't add a fifth sensor. You just have to accept that the dashboard will be lit up like a christmas tree all the time you're using the spare, and it will only be happy when you swap it back to the four wheels that were fitted at the factory.

Kwik Fit have very kindly agreed to swap the tyres around to/from the wheels, so that the new one I bought yesterday will still end up as the spare - for no extra charge. I think everyone's learning about all this stuff - at the moment they can't change a sensor, and they do need changing after however many years. You need the Citroen diagnostic computer to program the sensors' individual codes into the car, which they've never had need of until now.

From my research today, I've learnt that other makes' systems do allow five wheels, and some also self-learn the sensor codes when one is swapped. It seems that Citroen's system is particularly rubbish.

If/when mine need changing, if they're still £50+ each plus main dealer labour then I would be tempted to get someone to hack in and disable it instead. It seems like another massive money spinner for the industry to me.

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