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Towing Limit of my Berlingo
"How do you work out the towing limit on your car?"

My 2010 XTR 110 has theses figures quoted in KG's in the user manual

Gross Train Weight (GTW) = 3065
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) = 2065
Kerb Weight (MOM) = 1504
Verticle Load on Towbar (CVA) = 55

I get what the CVA figure means, so not worried about that, but do the other weights mean:-

GTW = Maximum weight of car, trailer and load
GVW = Not related to towing, just the maximum weight of the vehicle when fully loaded
MOM = Weight without load, plus driver (75KG), plus fuel tank filled to 90%

So to work out the maximum trailer weight, am I correct is saying:-

GTW minus MOM = 1561

This means I can tow a trailer/caravan that does not weight more than 1561KG

If however, I put 100KG in the car, then I need to deduct the 100KG off the 1561KG to mean I can tow a maximum of 1461KG

MOM plus 100KG plus 1461 = GTW of 3065

Am I correct in what I'm thinking, or have I got it all wrong

Read somewhere that when towing the ratio should be no more than 85% of the cars kerb weight for safety reasons
This would mean 85% of 1504KG, which is 1278KG

God, I'm confused

Any help would be appreciated
Provided your GTW with trailer on is within limit then you will be legal however you distribute load & if you do get pulled when towing the whole outfit will be weighed & you will not be required to detach trailer. But there is some confusion here. The user manual makes no mention of a max trailer weight but the brochure click here on page 22 states 1300kg max braked tow weight so from this you can conclude that loaded trailer cannot weigh more than this. The link is to the newer model brochure but the older model up to 2010 also quotes max tow weight of 1300kg.

Max tow weight of some cars is quoted as GTW minus GVW but not the Berlingo as towing trailer at max tow weight with fully laden car would exceed GTW & be illegal.

If a max tow weight for a car is quoted in manual then this figure is arrived at by the car's actual ability to tow this weight, I think by towing from standstill on 8% hill.

So make of it what you will, but 1300kg max trailer weight means that under any circumstances so perhaps email Citroen UK from their website for clarification on this.

The 85% thing is not law & refers only to caravans. With large side area suceptable to cross winds keeping caravan to 85% of vehicle weight prevents a 'tail wagging dog' situation & is a good suggestion, I think.

You need to remember that it is up to you as driver to decide what is safe to tow. The weights in manual are just the technical limits of vehicle & do not suggest you are safe to load up to those limits in all or any circumstances.

The low towbar or 'noseweight' limit of 55kg on models up to 2010(increased to 70kg after that yr)is a handicap because noseweight should be around 5-7% of trailer weight for stable tow so requiring at least 70kg for 1400kg trailer(if car is legal to tow this weight)

Personally I would think a caravan of no more than about 1000kg is good for a Berlingo. I would not really want to tow much more.
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The intention was to possibly buy a small caravan, so I'm just trying to find out 'how big' the Berlingo can safely tow and of course be within the law at the same time
Over here in France,the towing spec for 2014 models is.

Gtw 3040kgs

Gvw 2040 kgs

Towing trailer without brakes 715 kgs

trailer with brakes 1000kgs

avec transfert de charge 1300 kgs

The last weight shown is just the driver in the car,if you have passengers or goods in the vehicle then 1000kgs max.

Is there not a plate with the weights authorised on the door pillar.

Cheers from a wanabee berlingo owner.
You will be ok with a small caravan, won't weigh more than a tonne. I tow an old 12ft body Monza with mine weighs about 750kg all up, tows like its not there apart from fuel consumption thats drops to about 35mpg average.
A rule of thumb, never more than the weight of your car braked.
(28-05-2014, 04:09 PM)philip Wrote:  A rule of thumb, never more than the weight of your car braked.

and then you'd be way over limit and would have to leave your trailer if pulled by vosa, the maximum weight of the berlingo is now 2 tons roughly and with a ton of trailer you'd be on the limit if your van actually weighed 2 tons...

the fact is by following your rule then 90% of cars/vans would be over weight by a lot! and suspension/brakes and the like aren't upto the task if pushed that far, why risk it? to tow 2 tons of caravan get something upto the job, not a van that has a max weight of 2 tons Wink

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