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[Transmission] driveshafts
any help would be a godsend I have a bad vibration on front end of my 1.9 03 berlingo when doing approx. 65 mph thought it was bearing on near side so changed that but still the same vibration so I jacked the van up locked the nearside wheel same vibration on offside wheel could this be the symptom of bent driveshafts or what else? thanks in advance for any replies
First question..

How do you get a 1.9 to reach 65mph?


Let's see, problem parts can be...
1. Slightly unbalanced wheels...
(Last time I bought new wheels, the mechanic swapping them onto the rims emptied out half a liter of water from one of my front wheels... )
2. Axles, maybe...
3. The CV joints on the axles...
(check gaiters, and if possible if there's any slack to move them up/down/forward/back)
4. Front Anti-Rollbar connecting links. Check these for slack.
(My Mk. I got a '2' on the Norwegian version of the MOT on these, and yeah, there's vibrations a-plenty in the car... )
I had my van up on axle stands it reached more than 65 easy with no load on
thanks for the quick reply I think it may be the cv joints I think it is a case of trial and error just seems a bit queer having the same amount of vibration on both sides
what sort of vibration is it, be more precise.... is it a vibe causing steering wheel wobble?, or can you feel/see the gearstick rocking backwards and forwards, or does the whole car "wobble".
Hi Barkas
it is just a rumbling noise and vibe through steering wheel
checked bearings and driveshafts all seem ok it only starts around the 60/65 mark
Have you checked the offside drive shaft support bearing? :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
not checked the bearing yet tried to get it off but it proved to very difficult will try again when I get some long socket for the two little nuts that have to be undone if it is,nt that then I don,t know what else to try thanks for your reply
Does the vibration get worse the faster you go?

If yes its your wheels that are out of balance, trip to your local friendly tyre fitter will sort that.

Personally I would get them checked for balance anyway, start simple , start cheap.

Knackered wheel bearings emit a whirring type noise and you can hear it at all speed so its unlikey to be that.

(02-06-2014, 10:33 PM)jgrocerjack Wrote:  Hi Barkas
it is just a rumbling noise and vibe through steering wheel
checked bearings and driveshafts all seem ok it only starts around the 60/65 mark

That sounds like your wheels are out of balance

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