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Trouble Starting
Hi Guy's

Got a 52 plate 1.9d (non-turbo) berlingo

as title i'm having trouble starting it,
bought it 7 months ago, first start of the day it's never really started first turn of the key, always about 2-3 turns of key but obciously now it's getting colder it strugling to start, turning over but not starting.

it will start of a bump. then once it's been warmed up will start through the day, but if left for long intervals between starting (2hr + say) it won't start again.

when i does start it gives out a big puff of gray smoke, then will give off white smoke for about 10/20mins untill warm

since i've had it i've replaced the alternator and egr valve (probably irrelivant but just giving as much info as possible) , and since it's gone cold and not starting i've replaced the battery and glow plugs.

any help will be greatly appreciated


after reading through some other posts, just thought i chould add, glow plug light always comes on, then goes of after a few seconds, done this when it used to start tidy, and now it's not starting.

Might be worth looking over some older threads on the same subject like this one:

start probs

I don't have a diesel version so can't offer much help, but the fuel filter and glow plug relay also look to be common faults that cause starting problems.
thanks tucker,

had a look through some posts, gonna have a try off a few options this afternoon, fingers crossed its a nice simple fix
Maybe an idea to check voltage at the glowplugs from cold to ensure they're coming on although it really isn't cold enough for glow plugs to be an issue. Maybe also check your fuel filter.
There are several members who have extensive experience on the 1.9 diesel.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Just tried clamping from the negative of the battery to the engine block to rule out an earthing issue,
also putting a direct feed from the battery to the glow plug to warm them directly,

and still nothing.

will change the fuel filter (got one here) when once i've picked the kids up from school.

my main problem is that i'm currently self employed and working on a night shift, so i don't wanna take the van to work, go out at 4am to come home and it won't start and i'm stuck 25/30 miles from home with no help.
Hi, What you want to do is check the resistance of each glow plug seperatly. I've found the easiest way to do it is to leave them insitu but remove the electrical connection from the top. Then with a resistance measuring device (or you could use a battery and bulb) test between the glow plug connection and earth (engine block). You should get a low resistance or continuity. If resistance is higher then 10 ohms then that plug is duff. I find that with one duff plug the engine takes a couple of turns but with two out - very difficult to start.
Disconnect the battery to be safe ! Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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