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Type B multi function display
I am revisiting the possibility of fitting the MFD which includes the fuel computer to my M59 Multispace 2.0 HDi (2005). It currently has the 2 line display. I read elsewhere on this forum that the 3 line display is part number 6563XE or 6563XF. Does anyone know what the equivalent 96*********** part number is? I also think it likely that the C5 display 9644422477 will work on a Berlingo M59. Has anyone tried this one? I realise I will probably need to use Lexia to make it all work but this is not a problem. I am prepared to risk the cost of a breaker yard component to find out. I also feel there are other owners out there who want to do this. All opinions and experiences welcome.
I would also be interested in changing my 2 line for a 3 line display. My car is peugeot partner, but the display numbers are the same. Peugeot servicebox lists 6563GE, XE, LE, XF as MFD type B replacements. As far as I could find 6563XF and 6563XE are 9648634177 and 6563GE is 9660351880.
I also wonder if C5 display would work. The only thing is that it is has black numbers, where my display is with amber ones. Not too sure if changing the display from positive to negative would make a difference, either within lexia or pp2000.
Thanks for the info Saskak. That might be very useful.

Today (4 Jan) I found a Peugeot 307 display on eBay at a reasonable price so bought it. In my searches I have found that 206, 307, and, as you say C5 are probably suitable. There's no guarantee so the best answer is to wait until you find a cheap one and take the risk. This is what I have done. The next step is to find a wiper stalk with the push button on the end. Prices vary enormously so I guess the answer is again to search for a cheap one.

In the meantime I came across this gem

It concerns the 307 which is not mechanically identical to the |Berlingo display but I suspect electrically it is. I have Lexia so when it arrives \i will fit it and report back.
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Thanks MikeB,

Let us know how it goes. I would be especially interested in if the connection is the same, i.e. 18pin for mine and how are the colours.
If you could take some pictures it would be great.

I was also looking at some stalks or the end bit, but most are the whole com2000 and no way of knowing if the end bit is the ribbon one or the bit with the small shaft/rod inside, the latter is the one I need.
Fitted a 406 display yesterday.

Housing is slightly different and requires some cutting for it all to fit, but connections are the same and it works as it should
Any chance of a photo Coco ? :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
First two are of the manufacturers sticker attached to the housing.

Then, the display with the mounting and surround attached. You will see the mounting protruding from the sides - these were cut off. You can also just see the white of the unit at the sides. I had to make new mounting holes as they are in different places. The working part of the display is essentially a PCB attached by a ribbon cable to the glass display. The PCB's are the same size and could be swapped into the white box that contains them, but the displays are different sizes. It was easier to cut the mounting on the 406 white box to allow it to fit my dashboard, rather than cut the Partner white box to allow the 406 display to sit in it. The 406 bezel with the adjuusting buttons in it also needed trimming at the sides, I then found that it is also thicker than the Partner one and would not then allow the housing to sit flush.

As you can see in the last picture, it's currently installed without the bezel until I trin the Partner one to show all of the screen.

Hope this is clear, but if you need anymore, let me know.

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Thanks CoCo. It is really encouraging to learn it probably IS possible. I suspect the 307 display I am expecting any time will need some cutting etc. I read somewhere the C5 cowling would fit but I will wait until I fit the display.

Re the stalk, was it already fitted on yours? On mine there is a fixed end cap which, when removed, reveals a black plastic pin which seems to retain a ring around it. I guess this is removable in order to fit the washer switch with the push button. There seem to be quite a few variants. I guess I need the wiper stalk, with a (rear screen) washer twist action part on the end of the stalk, with, finally, the pushbutton on the end of that. I do have a spare 406 stalk with a pushbutton on the end but it doesn't have the (rear screen) washer switch - the twistable bit. Sorry if this sounds confusing. I am confused! But ever hopeful!

To Saskat - will report back. This is what I think I have bought

As you can see, it has the 18 pin connector.
Yes, stalk was present on mine. It had the fixed end cap, which I prised off. This revealed a hole down to the switch for choosing the different modes. As I don't have the end cap with the "pin" moulded onto it, I'm using the inner from a biro instead.

Too dark for picturees now, but I'll try tomorrow if there's anything you need in particular (when I'll also have a go with the temperautre sender
Cheers Coco, think this'll be my next mod.:thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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