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Tyre wear .....again!
Just had 4 new tyres on the XTR today. Fronts had done 13000 and the rears had done 10000. All had more wear on the outside 2/3rd of the tyres. The offside, it's a UK spec, were worse than the nearside. That is the third set of tyres we have had on this car in the last 2years and 8 months. Bought with 16k miles and now has 44k. We had the alignment checked last year and it was all supposedly spot on. We run the car in France and to be fair the country roads are not very wide and have rough edges but even so, 10000miles is pretty poor. Most of our friends have to replace their tyres every 12-14 months here.  I have bought a cheaper set of tyres as we have now tried Michelin, Goodyear and Firestones and I can"t see the point of buying top notch tyres if they are going to wear out in 12 months or less. I will be carefully monitoring tyre pressures while I run these to see how they fare.
I don't but top notch tyres to last... I buy them to keep me safe Wink

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(07-09-2015, 06:30 PM)stumpie Wrote:  I don't but top notch tyres to last... I buy them to keep me safe Wink

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Yep. That's a given but these are quality brand tyres but not expensive. Not going to spent half as much again on Michelin or Goodyear when they wear out in 10000 miles.
You could always just stop driving like a Frenchman! Big Grin Tongue
14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
LOL. maybe I should try driving like one instead. I always wondered why they drive in the middle of the road! I am sure the French wouldn't stand for tyre wear like this. This time I am going to be scrupulous in making sure my tyre pressures are right and I am going to get the set up checked again at a cost of £50. I could live with new tyres every 20k but not 10. We live in the countryside with lots of narrow lanes with rough edges so that may account for some of it but not all. We do not load it excessively although we do tow a trailer from time to time. We haven't bashed any of the wheels so if it was ok when it was checked last year it should be now. It is obviously not a new issue because when we bought it with 16k miles on the clock it was already on a non Michelin set and they were worn on the edges and had to be replaced. Of the four tyres I changed yesterday only 1 rear was not on the limit and you could see the bevel on the tyres at the back from deep tread on the inside edge to 2mm on the outside edge.
mileage you are quoting is worse than what I see, and my van is wacking about the country side at great amount of knots,

I get a set of fronts EVERY SERVICE, so 12500mls, rears every 2 services 25,000mls or so, not including punctures etc

my route is all east Anglia, my 63 plate is on 100,000mls in under two years, but never been on a Motorway Tongue

time wise it's a set of fronts ever 8-10 weeks Tongue

really, you need to slow down Smile
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
If you are having to do lots of tight manoeuvring on certain road surfaces this can also scrub tyres as badly as cornering too fast, so that's a consideration. The front nearside tyre's outer edge will also wear faster from frequent use of roundabouts. My front nearside has worn quite a lot on approx 50 mm of the outer edge, so I do think these cars perhaps get through front tyres pretty quickly, though I do drive fairly gently. Fortunately my rears are still looking good.

2010 B9 Multispace VTR 1.6 Petrol 90hp
Mmmm.Definitely seems excessive wear.I only do about 6k a year in my car so my tyres are lasting,i put on a new pair of fronts about 3 years ago and i would say there's about 2000 miles left in them.Thats on my MK 1 Multispace.So they will probably have covered about 20 ish k when i renew.They are Avons so i shall be happy to fit the same or some budget ones as per the rear.My motorcycles however do about 5k on a pair which for a motorcycle is about average,this of course can get expensive for high mileage trips at £120 - £150 a pair,my last trip to Poland went through a pair in 4k due to the concrete motorways and the 40 deg temps!
I always believed that a car should return 20 - 25 k on a set.I check my tyre pressures on the car about every 2 weeks,it is surprising what a drop in temperature this time of the year will do to your pressures so keep an eye on that and do make sure you use a good quality gauge,the cheap ones can be out by as much as 1/2 a bar .Normally though if your pressures were low you would be getting wear on both edges or high would be giving wear in the centre of the tyre.So i can only conclude that if its wearing excessively on one side then it has to be alignment or loading.I'd get a second opinion from a specialist and ask for the whole geometry to be checked ,here in Plymouth we have "garages" that do race cars and heavy modifications,maybe itll be worth trying them if there's such an animal around your neck of the woods.!!
I got 33k miles out of the 5 original Michelins swapping them around & the same for the 5 Avons I had fitted next. These are the larger XTR tyres though. Then I dropped a bit of a clanger, I went off to France for 3mnths in June with 3mm on the Avons thinking they would do the trip, only about 3k miles in all. Collected nails in 2 of them and it weren't worth getting them repaired so off to the the local Norauto in the Dordogne. I was offered budget Sava tyres or Goodyear Efficient Grip so I went for 4 Goodyears at £88 a corner which was £10 each less than cheapest UK price I could find so a small victory. I had half an idea of getting tyres changed in France anyway due to low €.

The difference from the Avons is very obvious, much quieter and the car now corners in a completely different class. I'm not a fast driver though so the Avons would have done. I'm not expecting good mileage from the Goodyears though as they seem quite soft but handling wise they are on a different planet from the Avons. With low € same tyres are cheaper in France than UK. Advertised prices for tyres in France do not include fitting/balance/valve, add about 16€ per tyre.
A friend has a 2010 Multispace XTR with about 100k miles and he has the same issue. He previously had a Mk1 and his tyres lasted double the mileage the ones on this model do. His last set of fronts did 9k miles. He now runs his tyres at 40psi to see what difference it makes to longevity or otherwise, i am monitoring tyre pressures weekly and will have the geometry checked again. the cost of the tyres is not the issue, its the frequency at which they have to be changed.

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