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Uneven rapid rear trye wear
Hi All
Im sure this will have cropped up and maybe linked to well known problems with rear axles so apologies for my ignorance. My 2ltr HDI van ('06) has started scrubbing the rear drivers side tyre quite quickly. What is causing this anyone? What should I be checking for before going to the garage?
Hello, yes this problem has come up before several times. Did you try a search yet? I seem to recall a fair amount written on the subject.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
being an 06 you might have bearing wear in rear torsion axle, is one of the wheels not as straight as the other?. the rear tyre wear that's spoken a lot of on here is the 08 onward later version
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Thanks for the advice/comments chaps. Ive had a look at the alignment from behind the vehicle (just visually) and its hard to see anything noticeable. There does seem to be some ever so slight misalignment but I dont know if its just me looking for it in trepidation! Ive spoken to my local friendly mechanic and he suggests jacking up the van and checking for wear on the bearing as you would for a front bearing. He said that if there is any wear it will be a case of replacing the rear axle as the bearings cannot be reliably replaced and its easier to change the axle. In the meantime I'll be carrying out a search on this forum for comments followed by jacking up the van in the next few days to check for play. Sounds like another problem thats easily solved with money!

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