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Van front seat conversion to 3 seats

I just thought I would join the forum to post about converting the front seats in a berlingo van from 2 seats to 3 seats.

I looked high and low on the iternet to find out if this was possible and although never got a solid answer the closest I got was that they are different and probably not interchangable.

Anyway last week I came accross a twin seat and drivers seat all in good condition so I thought I would risk it. To cut a long story short the seats ARE interchangable however you do have to slightly pull the carpet up to move the retaining nuts and holders which the seats bolt into. You also need to get hold of an additional 2 of these bolts as the twin seat is bolted in with 6 bolts rather than 4 for the original seat. The good news is that the holes to fit these bolts into are already there, you just need to put the retaining nut and holder in.

Sorry if I havent explained that very well but for anyone like me searching online and considering doing this hopefully this tells you that it IS possible and you wont be left with some unusable seats.

If anyone would benefit from a step by step guide then please let me know. I have to take the seats out again to put the additional 2 retaining nuts in (as I didnt have them to hand when I put them in the first time). If a guide will help then I will take some photos next time to show how its done.

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Greg, this is awesome news. Really glad to see that someone took the time to post such an useful info! It would be great if you can add some pics though Smile
Which Berlingo are we talking about here, Greg??
I wouldn't have though it was possible on a Mk.1 or a Mk.2.
The Mk.3 is wider though.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Ive seen enterprise spec MK2 vans with 3 seats as standard.
How did you do the seatbelt for the centre seat?
We are talking MK3 I believe (its a 58 plate - newest shape).

Seatbelt is a work in progress as the company who sold me the seats have given me the seatbelt and I think it is missing its housing. I am assuming this will fit but will let you know once i have had a look at how they connect onto a factor fitted one.
Just a thought but check your details of your insurance as when you took it out you probably stated your van had two seats and now it aint. You dont want to get caught out when you need it most.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
(15-04-2013, 03:07 PM)gregory01 Wrote:  We are talking MK3 I believe (its a 58 plate - newest shape).

Seatbelt is a work in progress as the company who sold me the seats have given me the seatbelt and I think it is missing its housing. I am assuming this will fit but will let you know once i have had a look at how they connect onto a factor fitted one.

Mine is the MK3 enterprise.The centre seatbelt upper anchor is a very basic looking bar on the drivers bulkhead ladder The reel is behind the seat and the buckle stalk shares the bolt with the other passenger seat.
With the MOT tightening up on accessories/mods I think you will need to get this right (or at least quickly detachable!)
Just an update for everyone...

Getting a bulkhead from a 3 seat berlingo is far from easy. The main dealers said they dont sell them and I must have checked parts gateway about 15 times. As luck would have it one came up on ebay which I snapped up a couple of months ago. There really isnt much different other than it had a metal braket welded onto it for the seatbelt (you will need one of these if you are doing the conversion. I also managed to get someone on ebay who strips berlingos for parts to sell me a couple of additional retaining bolts as well as the new plastic center console which fits the 3 seater versions.

I am currently stuck and need a bit of help. I cant seem to see how / where to bolt the seatbelt into the chassis and cant see where the other end of the seatbelt bolts to.

Would someone who has a 3 seater mind adding a photo of their seatbelt assembly for me.

they bolt between the seats and not into the chassis [Image: WP_000142.jpg] [Image: WP_000146.jpg]
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
I have a new campervan based on the Berlingo Mk3 Enterprise van.
When the conversion company purchased the van, they didn't realise that it had the Extenso 3 seats fitted so they asked me if I would accept 3 seats instead of 2. I said yes I didn't mind and was duly delivered the converted camper costing well over £30k. What they didn't tell me was that the bulkhead ladder that must be there to support the centre seatbelt shoulder guide, seriously compromised the camper sleeping area. I couldn't just remove the bulkhead ladder as the camper would fail it's MOT in a few years time for having a faulty centre seat belt. So my only choice is to have the 3 seats removed and replaced with the regular 2 seats.
This is the reverse of what you guys want to do but I have learned a few lessons which I can share.
Firstly the Extenso seating looks great, has a large lockable storage area under the centre seat and the passenger seat can be hinged up or down to carry difficult loads.
On the down side I would seriously suggest that you go to a dealer and actually sit 3 adults in the front and imagine if you would want to travel more than 10 miles. The centre passenger has to sit sort of sideways with their feet in the passenger foot well and knee pressing hard on the front centre (gear lever) console. You can't sit astride the centre console as your right leg will prevent driver access to the handbrake.
The seat belts have electrically operated pre-tensioners and I am told by a main Citroen dealer that the 2 seat vans do not have the wires in the loom or programming for the third seat. In my case I have the reverse problem of preventing the computer from alarming when the seatbelt mech. is removed.
In the 3 seat version the driver's seat does not have an arm rest (no room for it) so you may have to source a driver's seat too or remove the arm rest from the existing seat.
The Extenso seat is fixed and does not have fore and aft adjustment.
It is now 9 weeks since the main dealer franchise in the UK agreed to change the seats and they still are waiting bits for the job even though I sourced a donor van on their own forecourt 8 weeks ago to do a straight swap.

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