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[WTB] Dangel
Hi all I am looking for a rear axle for a dangel 4x4 berlingo , any ideas wher to get one or if it can be matched to anything else
Only one place! (Ask them for a UK dealer if possible of course)
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I was hoping someone might have seen one in a breakers otherwise its change the lot back to a two wheel drive, new one will not be an option.
Unlikely that most here would recognise one! I have certainly never seen one in the flesh.
Most savvy breakers would realise that they had something special and advertise it anyway.
These are exceedingly rare in the UK. I'd love one being an angler!
Alternatives? Rebuild the old one yourself. The manufacturer would know
if axles from any other vehicle will be suitable replacements or have parts which can be used.
Perhaps find a 4x4 club online in France whose members can assist you.
Apparently the axles are produced specifically for that vehicle as you wouldn't think they'd
sell enough to make it viable, but they're very popular in Alpine France.
Have a ring around Citroen *repairers* (not main dealers.....they're useless at repairing what
they're supposed to know about!!)
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

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