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[Warning Light] Anti Pollution warning light
Yesterday morning my Anti Pollution warning light came on. Drove the car home with a little loss of power but she got to 60 and sat there quite happy. This morning on the school run it was on again, dropped the first ankle bitter off and carried on - so far so good - by on a wee hill I found the car - Pug Partner Tepee 1.6 90 10-reg - was losing power then once we got to the top it died all together, restarted her and got about 100-yards before she died again, repeat this 4 or 5 times before she started to run 'normally' but only in 2nd or 3rd gear! Got kid two to school then headed home and she only died once, but once again she started no problem. Nearest Pug dealer is 45-miles away in Carlisle ditto for Citroen, so gonna take her to my local guys anything I should tell them to look at in particular?
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I assume it does get a run along the motorway about 10miles at 60mph now & again to keep dpf clean, yes? Otherwise it sounds similar to mine when egr valve failed, replacement is £530 job at main dealer price. Your local bloke should be able to tell on his fault code reader if egr valve is at fault.
I think it's your DPF / FAP geting blocked she need's a good hard run to burn and clean the the DPF / FAP out before it get's totally blocked you need to keep the rev's around 2000 RPM or you can do a forced burn when you are parked up holding the rev's at 2000 RPM for about 10 to 15 min's people will think your mad sitting in your car doing that but if it work's who care's  what their thinking  Smile
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Did as you suggested Jed Clampit - forced burn for 15-mins alongside then took her for a run into Dumfries (9-miles on back roads in 3rd Gear) and stopped off at a local garage which looks after the taxi fleet (Partners/Berlingos). Seems its common so they told me to give her a good run on the way home and to contact Peugeot about getting the fuel additive topped up aslo to go to Halfords to get injection cleaner and add the full bottle to the tank. Running like a dream again.
First the Nab, then the Warner,
Spit Sand Fort then Blockhouse Corner. DBF!
Lucky you caught that before the point of no return (for the DPF and your wallet).
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Additive level needs checked asap imho
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
You will get another warning if the fuel additive is getting low telling you it need's topping up you can also put some millers fuel additive in the tank about £10 for 500 ml on ebay good stuff and it will last for some time ask ron he know all about it and waxoyl look's after his body  Wink
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Fuel filter may be clogged...

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As pointed out, if you are doing mostly local runs then a run up the motorway is needed probably once a month to regenerate dpf. Another old chestnut is supermarket diesel, loads on the internet about it but it is clear it has less additive than branded diesel, Shell or whatever, so if you are using Tesco then try Shell or BP perhaps which might make exhaust cleaner?

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