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[Warning Light] Battery light/central locking
Dear All
I have an '06 2ltr Hdi forestry van. The other day I parked up took the key out of the ignition and noticed the battery light was still illuminated and c/locking wouldnt work. Went back after an hour and got in van and it had gone into ecomode (battery light off as well) despite nothing being left on or key in ignition. This has persisted for a few days now and despite doing a BSI reset it doesnt clear. Also noticed that the window switches on the console stay lit when the engine stops and key removed (hence the ecomode I guess). I dont think my BSI reset will work properly because when I reconnect the battery the window switches are lit and the battery light back on. Ive tried leaving the battery disconnected for over an hour before doing a reset but to no avail. Sounds like I need a new BSI but before I do this is there anything else I could try? The central locking works if I press the internal lock switch on the centre console and also if I manually lock the drivers door with the key. The keyfob battery is new too. Should also mention that the battery light goes out as soon as the van is started. Van is running fine too but just worried if this battery and c/locking issue is the start of bigger problems.
Take the wire connection off the back of the alternator to see if the light's goes out if so it's the alternator is on it's way out also check the earth point's you may be getting a reverse feed
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Thanks Jed
Will have a go.
Tried the suggested advice, tried a couple of BSI resets and still no change. Is there anyone in the Richmond (N.Yorks) area with Lexia? I bought a new Lexia from Ebay but the software wouldnt load onto my PC so its sat in its box under a cupboard. If anyone wants it, they can have it for £30. In the meantime if anyone has any more suggestions to overcome this niggling problem Id appreciate any advice.
Solved this by chance. I thought Id put a post on just incase anyone has a similar problem. See previous posts for nature of problem. Turned out the fault was due to the cig lighter port being gunked with muck and corrosion. Id left the lighter out of the hole on the console and over the months it got full of grime. When I put the lighter in the port to tidy up everything began working perfectly. I took the lighter out for a few days and the fault recurred and so I shoved the lighter back in and hey presto problem solved again. This lighter issue also affected the central locking and electric windows. Could only happen on a Blingo!
Could only happen to a Berlingo.You sure got that right Smile    that's a new one on me one to put in the book of knowledge nice to see you got it sorted.  Cool
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