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[Warning Light] Replacement ECU PIN
Hi All, an update from my previous thread ...

As mentioed earlier...

"2002 Berlingo 2.0HDi M49 Siemens SID801 is going into limp home mode, limiting revs to ~3000rpm and not much power. This is intermittent though, I could start up and drive a few yards or a few miles. Key off leave it a minute or so and MIL goes off when started and you pull away.

I was getting a few air bubbles in the fuel lines so replaced fuel filter (which was black, no shiny fillings in filter housing though) After filter change no bubbles once system was bled through.

Chatted to the AA guy at the Local Halfords and he scanned for DTCs and found
P1113 P1114 P1164 P1198 most pointing to Fuel Pressure Sensor.

So replaced that with 2nd hand one from PCR in Worthing.
All was well for few miles then MIL popped up again....Doh.

Disconnected battery overnight to reset ECU...No scan tool to clear codes.

Reconnected battery this morning and now it won't start or even try to. Fuel is getting to the common rail as on cranking it squirts from the High Pressure (HP) lines if you crack them off slightly. Fuel cut-off switch is depressed as am I.

Any thoughts from anyone out there? Fuel tank is over half full.

Does anyone in the Brighton area have a Lexia diagnostic set by any chance."

Well since this I have purchased a Lexia 3 from Easydiagnostics... A very helpfull guy.

Plugged in and have found car has been fitted with a replacement Engine ECU, with 197000 miles on it's chip! scanned VIN did not tie up with log book VIN.

Checked the MOT history on line with DVLA and all appears OK wrt the vehicle mileage of 122808 so it's not been clocked.

I have 2 faults in the BSI -

1 Permanent Fault Evaporator Sensor !! I don't have A/C so what's that about
2 Permanent Fault Engine ECU reception. Could be reason ECU is locked out.

So I'm thinking at the moment that in disconnecting the battery overnight the ECU may have reset to it's old PIN and is now not talking to the BSI.

So now I'm in the position of I having the PIN for the Vehicle VIN but not for the replacement ECU VIN.

Is anyone out there able to provide PIN if I give you the VIN. I know this is a big ask but worth a try.

PS if anyone in Sussex needs a Lexia...
Quote: "1 Permanent Fault Evaporator Sensor !! I don't have A/C so what's that about"

You can bet that the donor vehicle had A/C and obviously the ECU
has just been taken from the donor and fitted straight to yours.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
This may help, or at least give you an avenue to follow:-
Join garage forum here :

Post your VIN and you should get a reply with PIN
2003 Citroën Berlingo 2.0HDi Multispace Desire
(30-04-2012, 06:33 PM)BlueBlingo Wrote:  Join garage forum here :

Post your VIN and you should get a reply with PIN

Hi anti-virus (NOD32) is saying nasty things about that web page and it's content!! :eek:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

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