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[Warning Light] Struggling with EML (using lexia) - cant clear faults.
1.9D desire 04 plate berlingo multispace 

Went for MOT - failed on horn not working. Garage hacked into the wiring and jimmy rigged a horn to get it through mot - they did ask me and i did give approval - i was offshore at the time and the wife needed the car so i wont grumble at them for it - i just expected something with a bit more class than what i got...but then its an old banger to them i guess.

might be conincidence but a week later the EML came on. 

Threw lexia on it - came up with 

perminant aerial fault ( i believe this is a phantom fault) 
Intermittant fault - no perminant positive to the display 
intermittant fault - airbag - light occasionally comes on when the seats moved back and forth - the standard french car dry connector. 
No comms with injection though - which is annoying , even with my doorpost RPO it thinks i have a 1.4 petrol engine...... has anyone got a working RPO for a 1.9D ? 

Ive reset them - the air bag faults not come back but the display fault comes back so does the aerial - and the EML never goes out. 

Things ive done. - 
  • Repaired the garages hack horn fix back to stock and the horn now works as designed. 
  • Checked the earth at the horn and front wing as per rustacrats drawings. 
  • Checked/cleaned the connections at the radio and the dash display. 
  • cleaned up the underseat connector 
  • Changed the display and radio for  known good ones (i have two of these cars so can swap parts for diag) 
  • BSI reset 
  • Scanning with a cheap ODB tool - as has previous alerted me to issues that lexia has missed. - but it wont even comm with the car this time ! 
Car drives fine , the display works as it should and holds the date - indicating there is a perminant positive...... radio works as it should. 

the EMLs driving me nuts + the boy that cried wolf scenario of an actual fault being hidden behind the perminant EML 

Any help appreciated

It's a mechanical injection system that may have electronic advance solenoid, so worth checking that first.
would that cause an EML to ping up ?

one thing i did today at lunch was go for a drive with the MAF sensor unplugged.... made no difference to how it drives.....

Should it ? I know on my old frontera DTI with the maf unplugged it would kangaroo a good un.
It's the only bit of electronics on the system, but as you have no specific code, then it's the best I can offer.
(31-05-2016, 06:01 PM)Col Wrote:  It's the only bit of electronics on the system, but as you have no specific code, then it's the best I can offer.

Fair point. 

Have ordered a new maf anyway see if that makes any odds I know the other van needs one (it threw a fault code - and is missing one of the wires in the maf) so it wont go to waste.

I will pull the advance solenoid and check. I replaced this on the van at 70k. No eml but it did idle higher when warm than when cold. Instead of what it should do. 

The berlingo seems to idle as you would expect. 

But pulling it cleaning it up and sticking the meter over it wont hurt.
The rpo number makes no odds whatsoever to code reading, enter 99999 and it will read anything (I've worked on them for ten years and it's never stopped me reading any car... Ever...

If you have a power supply fault you won't get any comms with the pump/ecu and it will run a bit off, presume it has the ecu on the passenger side Wing and is a mk2??

It was coincidence abiout the horn and eml as its not gone away now you've returned it to standard
so i pulled the solenoid cleaned it up checked resistance - which was within range (8ohms i believe) and refitted it - the solenoid looked to be sparkling clean tbh.

i pulled the injector harness off injector checked resistance which was in range (130 ohms i believe ?) - cleaned it up and refitted it.

started the car

light was off.....

bugger knows what its playing at.

Still cant get comms with the injection ecu. yes its a MK2 and its got the ECU on the passengers side. will need to investimagate.
Injector harness? You sure this isn't 2.0 HDI?

EDIT. Have you got the Delphi injector with pin lift sensor on No1?
yeah pin lift sensor

i wish it was a 2.0HDI !

its been a solid motor for the 3 years we have had it - and its started playin up now just as i thought about getting rid of my van (pug partner) for a bigger one for a camper conversion......

Its hard to get rid of the good one and keep the one thats playing up though Sad its only saving grace is that its a multispace and we need the seats.
its stayed off so far Big Grin

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