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[Warning Light] airbag warning light
Hi all, I'm a newbie, ex navy pensioner who needs help. Vehicle is a 1.6 petol forte multispace & I've got what seems to be a common problem, i.e. airbag light on permanently. All I want to do is extinguish the light. My plan is to remove the feed to the light from the back of the instrument panel. I've searched high & low in an effort to identify which wire on the multipin connector is feeding the fault light, with no result.I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could please tell me either the number of t
he wire, the colour or the number of the pin in the connector. Hope someone can oblige , many thanks.
Would it not be easier to reset the light with the help of your garage?

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For MOT, the light must first come on, then extinguish after a short delay as the system self tests. Devious and anti-airbag people put the light on a timed relay.

Unless the car has been in an accident strong enough to trigger the firing action, the airbag system should be essentially intact and working. It will be just as easy (and arguably safer) to sort out the cause of this fault. Usually it's an underseat connector; if you pull the clip apart and solder the crimping, then reassemble the connector clip it tends to resolve most of them.

People often get close to the mark by identifying a problem with the clip, but my experience has been that it's the crimping within, not the male-female connector contacts oxidising at the problem's heart.
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hi there I had an airbag light issue a while ago if the bag has been activated in a crash then needs a replacement and usually needs one every 10 years or so i believe, but mine was a connector fault under the drivers seat with your key in your pocket not in the ignition you can check the cables under the seat if the connector or wire has been damaged then fix this and the light should go out mine had a problem with a crimped wire i fixed this and havnt had that problem since best of luck mate .
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This fixed my problem. I clean the connectors under the seat.
Look under the seat and you will see a bright orange connector. Disconnect them, clean the connectors (both) with strong alcohol, or technical cleansing spray, (let it dry for some minutes or half an hour) reconnect, start the car, and probably gone. These connectors collects a lot of dust/s**t over time.
Do the same on passenger site if it is air bags there to. Good luck!
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You can't just snip the wire or remove the bulb as it has to light for few seconds or will fail MOT.
I got stopped by VOSA last month (in truck; not van), and the man with the hammer checked the ABS light came on and went off. Similar thing, I suppose.
The connections under the seat were a common fault on my previous Renno Clio. If air-bag light stayed on, you had to disconnect/re-connect the plug and all would be ok for a month or two.
Perhaps it's a French thing (even though my Berlingo was made in Spain!)?
There's no individual wire for the warning light - It's all done by communications. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Clever stuff. :thumbsup:

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