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Whoops wrong tyre pressures
When I bought my van I expected the steering to be heavy as it has no PAS but it was still hard work, checked the tyre pressures today and only 30 PSI :brickwall:
Now 42 PSI front and 46 PSI rear and its a much easier drive, the numbers seem high to me but the van is driving fine just need to get head around them.
Sounds too high to me.
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Sounds about right, more air pressure will help you combat the lack of power steering, although it makes me wonder what kind of model you have that hasn't got it? Something from the Mk1 range?
I think you fronts might be a touch too high, I kept mine at around 38psi for every day driving and even then it was wheel spinning at awkward angles and dips. It can induce understeer especially in the wet. Personally I would put up the rears to 60psi to give you a nice neutral steering where the rear just follows. I'm back on 50psi myself but I run a lot narrower tyres.
What you've done is also going to help you with the motorway mileage.
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Yep sorry forgot to mention I have a 1997 Mk1 van, I have updated my profile now so it shows up in the garage part of my profile what model I have. Wow 60 PSI seems a high number, suppose I am so used to having cars that run around 28 to 30 PSI. I will drop the front down a little if 42 is too high and put some more air in the backs and see how I get on.
my XC90 is only 32psi and its 2 tonnes. Be very careful driving in the wet with that pressure you will also get uneven tyre wear.
I run 36psi all round in my mk1 van regardless of weight carried, usually 1/4 tonne and never had uneven wear due to wrong pressures. 60psi? OMG...
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