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Why? Are vans White???
Heart Love them to bits, but why are vans white?

I was sitting at a railway-level-crossing (You never find one on a hill.) thinking why is that van white, I mean really white, brilliant white, super smooth white.

When did that happen?

Why are they not, say.. Elephant Grey! Or Soft Pink!

Discuss at length with a glass of the Olde-Amber-Necter. (Why are vans not Beer coloured!)

Regards Heart Love and Kisses..
Opps..! Did I say that..! Tongue
It's the cheapest colour usually.

It's best for resale, as nobody likes white vans but nobody dislikes them either, as they'll go with any colour signwriting. A company whose logo is red might buy a white van, but not a blue or green one

It's the best colour for reflecting the sun, as still most vans don't have air con.

It's easy to touch up (compared to metallics especially), although there are a surprising number of shades of white.
Less critical for colour consistency so original paint is cheaper and easier to touch up.
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Historically it is a blank canvas for signwriting, although the advances in vinyl wrapping are resulting in some eye-catching colours and designs.

Many companies are also going to other colours to avoid being perceived as 'white van man' so there are many more vans about in non-white colours now.
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There was a debate on the "Courier Exchange" web site about this a few weeks back, as many courier companies demand that drivers who work for them, should own white, unsignwritten vans. As a freelancer, I'm regularly asked by firms (when I'm quoting for work), what colour van I have; and they are most pleased when I tell them that it is plain white. I've always said that a small courier firm having a fleet of white vans, is the best way of putting over something of a "corporate image", when in reality, they are just a rag-tag bunch of owner drivers.
it was on 'for the love of cars' white vehicles are cooler inside than any other colour, that was why Ford did it
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I saw that too - I think they said 5 degrees cooler (can't remember if they said F or C though).

I'm happy in my black Blingo. One does have one's auto climate control though.
As any courier will tell you..........The white ones....are faster!
French Electrics......Grrrrrrr! Dodgy
red ones are faster round the lanes..... postie drives them every day so knows where hes going and who hell meet
My postie drives about 3 meters, post a few letters and gets back in the van drives another 3 meters, all the way down the street, must take him longer getting in and out rather than just walking,crazy!! I bet that van doesn't even get to full temp,don't envey the next owner when royal mail sell it on, never buy ex royal mail vans,

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